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A DOT-111 tank car, the type that the National Transportation Safety Board says often ruptures during derailments and can burst into flames or explode. Hundreds of the cars pass through northern New York daily enroute to the Port of Albany from North Dakota. (Photo Provided)

NY asks feds to update oil spill response plans

The rapid expansion of rail shipments of crude oil across New York to coastal refineries including from the Canadian border through the North Country is raising safety and environmental concerns.

New York officials asked the Environmental Protection Agency on Monday to update a contingency plan for dealing with oil spills amid the rapid expansion of rail shipments of crude oil from North Dakota across New York to coastal refineries.

A review of crude oil rail safety ordered by Gov. Andrew Cuomo in January found immediate action was needed by the EPA to update contingency plans and develop response plans for environmentally sensitive areas, Martens said. READ MORE...

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