McCadam sweeps State Fair cheddar awards


CHATEAUGAY — Better cheddar.

McCadam Cheese, based in Chateaugay, took home all three first-place awards in the cheddar-cheese contests at the New York State Fair. It is the first time McCadam has accomplished that since it joined the Agri-Mark cooperative in 2003.

Agri-Mark spokesman Doug Dimento said they are very pleased the products have been so successful.

“It makes our cooperative members feel they can be proud of being part of this team,” he said.

McCadam won gold medals in the Super Aged Cheddar category for its Adirondack Reserve Cheddar, in Aged Cheddar for its McCadam Aged Cheddar and Current Cheddar for its McCadam Mild Cheddar. It also won silver medals in the Super Aged Cheddar category for its McCadam Extra Sharp Cheddar and in the Open Cheese class for its McCadam Monterey Jack, as well as an Award of Excellence for its McCadam Mild Cheddar.

The Mild Cheddar was able to receive two awards because contestants are allowed to submit multiple entry samples in each category.


This was the fourth consecutive year McCadam won gold in the Aged Cheddar category and the third consecutive win in the Super Aged category for McCadam’s Adirondack Reserve Cheddar. It is also the second year in a row the company took gold and silver in the Super Aged category.

DiMento said the various awards show the cooperative has established a constantly excellent process, from milk production through manufacturing.

“Everything has to go just right on a consistent basis,” he said. 

In the past decade, McCadam has won 33 gold medals, 24 silver and 19 awards of excellence at the State Fair cheese competition. Earlier this month, McCadam Muenster received the highest score at the American Cheese Society Competition in Wisconsin.  


McCadam Creamery Manager Tom Herbick said they are extremely honored by the excellent showing at the fair.

“Taking gold in each of the three cheddar categories is a mark of pride for all of the McCadam family,” he said in a press release. 

“Our success is the product of a team of hardworking men and women, from the farmers to the plant workers to the cheesemakers and everyone in between.”

DiMento said the frequent recognition makes the cooperative’s marketing efforts easier.

“This is a credit to the milk supply of our farmers, as well as our (Agri-Mark’s) employees and management team,” he said.

Agri-Mark is a farmer-owned dairy cooperative based in Metheun, Mass. The cooperative markets more than 300 million gallons of milk from its 1,250 dairy farm members each year and had $880 million in sales in 2012.

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