Franklin County property transactions: April 15 through 19, 2013

MALONE — Here’s a list of land transactions in Franklin County April 15 through 19, 2013.

The buyer, the seller, the community where the property is located and the sale price (listed in that order) were culled from documents in the Franklin County Clerk’s Office:

To Susan L. Sochia from Margaret A. Goodman and Marie Martin, Franklin, $1,000.

To Deborah A. Carpenter from Celeste M. Byerwalters, trustee, Harrietstown, zero dollars.

To Laura J. Reid and Nancy A. Brossard from Bert Hough, executor of living will and trust of Joan Hough, Harrietstown, $202,000.

To Barbara Ida Revocable Trust from Barbara Hilkevitch Ida, surviving spouse of Gerald Ida, Brandon, zero dollars.

To Timothy John Peartree and Kathleen Ann Peartree from Gregory Townsend, Harrietstown, $169,000.

To Kenneth I. Hunt from Kenneth L. Hunt, successor trustee of the Irving B. Hunt Family Trust, Harrietstown, $1.

To Wayne R. Bauman, Jeffrey T. Bauman and Mary V. Bauman from Gary C. Bauman, Tupper Lake, zero dollars.

To Eric Craig from Joel A. Craig and Sarah K. Lauzon Craig, Bangor, zero dollars.

To Gary P. Monica from Eric Craig, Bangor, $12,000.

To Peter C. Stephen and Shari A. Stephen from Peter Stephen, Chateaugay, zero dollars.

To Thomas P. Goodman and Brenda L. Goodman from Thomas P. Goodman, Constable, zero dollars.

To Michael M. Maloney from Stephen M. Boyer, Westville, $7,500.

To Gary Epstein from Stanley Malaga, Malone, $50,000.

To J.E. Sheehan Contracting Corp. from Janice A. Rottier and Kay L. Brand, Malone, $50,000.

To Gregory W. Steenberg and Pamela A. Steenberge from Kim J. Conners, Burke, zero dollars.

To Kim J. Conners from Pamela A. Steenberge and Gregory W. Steenberge, Burke, zero dollars.

To Andrea M. Audi from Adam G. Dewbury, Harrietstown, $155,000.

To Jonathan A. Lahart and Elizabeth M. Lahart from Donald H. Schrader and Kathleen P. Schrader, Malone, zero dollars.

To Franklin County from Mary Ann Tebo, David T. Gagnier, Loyce G. Chaisson, Ann Marie Cocomazzi, Janet Lopez, Raymond Eberhard, Richard Eberhard, Lisa McKenney, Jenelle Stanley, Sarah Lagattolla, Joseph Gagnier, Adele Molinski, Paul Gagnier, Michele Phillips, Nancy Rule, Sally Cronin, Denise Dubay, Mary Jane Schaeffer, Barbara Lovelace, Pamela Stott, heirs of Louis Gagna and Marie Gagna, Tupper Lake, zero dollars.

To Gillette Bros. Inc. from Lester Bruno, Jan Woodley, James A. Bruso, David Bruso and Delbert Bruso, sole heirs of Alvin H. Bruso and Ellen A. Bruso, Chateaugay, zero dollars.

To Rochelle L. O’Neill from Judith A. Smith, Brighton, $167,000.