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The bar at the new facility waits to greet patrons with a wide variety of beers on tap. (Rob Fountain/Staff Photo)
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The main dining room has been designed to enhance the ambiance of the brew pub. (Rob Fountain/Staff Photo)
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The main dining area boasts a big stone fireplace for comfort. (Rob Fountain/Staff Photo)
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Jay Stoyanoff, brewmaster, stirs up one of the beers he is brewing at the new Plattsburgh Brewing Company located at Comfort Inn in Plattsburgh. (Rob Fountain/Staff Photo)
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Jay Stoyanoff, brewmaster, pours a cold one at the new Plattsburgh Brewing Company located at Comfort Inn in Plattsburgh. (Rob Fountain/Staff Photo)
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Brewmaster Jay Stoyanoff makes a test pour to see if the beer is ready at the new Plattsburgh Brewing Company. (Rob Fountain/Staff Photo)

Plattsburgh Brewing Company now open


PLATTSBURGH — Fresh brews, fresh food.

That’s the motto at Plattsburgh Brewing Company, the newest incarnation of the bistro and pub at the Comfort Inn complex. 

“We actually changed over to Plattsburgh Brewing Company quietly at the beginning of the year,” co-owner Terry Meron said. “We’ve built our concept around fresh beer.”

Brewmaster Jason Stoyanoff is doing a great job with that end of it, Meron said. 

“We’re lucky to have him.”


Plattsburgh Brewing will have between nine and 12 beers on tap at any given time, which includes seven standards and a number of seasonal brews. Stoyanoff said he has recently renewed a focus on IPAs, as the popularity of that style continues to grow.

“I recently put out a double IPA. It instantly became our most popular,” Stoyanoff said.

He figures to create about 18 beers a year. That includes Cooper’s Double Trouble, a seasonal brew he created in honor of his son that is available around the 4th of July.

Plattsburgh Brewing Company products are available at about 15 local establishments, and Stoyanoff hopes to increase that. They also want to start their own canning operation sometime next year, Meron said.

Stoyanoff has been a brewer since 2001 and has worked first at Legend’s Pub and Bistro and now Plattsburgh Brewing Company since 2007.

He started at Smuttynose Brewing and then Red Hook, both on the New Hampshire seacoast. Stoyanoff then was at Lake Placid Craft Brewing before he came to Plattsburgh.

Stoyanoff said he follows the traditional German beer purity laws, reinheitsgebot. It calls for only four ingredients — water, barley, hops and yeast.

They expanded on the fresh beer concept by featuring their own fresh-made pasta and flat-bred pizza dough.

“Those go together well with beer,” Meron said.

To that end, all of the pasta is made in house, Meron said. They are using a new commercial pasta-making machine that is capable of producing up to 57 pounds per hour. 

The machine also has a ravioli attachment, and the fillings for that are also made in house.


The flatbread pizzas are made with dough produced on site. The Turbo Chef oven is capable of cooking a flatbread pizza in about two minutes, Meron said.

Brandon Epps, former owner and chef at Minnie’s restaurant in downtown Plattsburgh, is the restaurant’s general manager. He has brought some of his Southern- and Caribbean-style recipes to the new menu.

Meron said Epps went to the King Arthur Bread Baking School in Vermont for additional training.

All of the sauces and desserts are also made in house.

There is an extensive selection of burgers made with certified Angus beef, as those are an important part of a brew-pub menu.

“Our burgers have gone over extremely well,” Meron said.

Any of the menu items with brewhouse in the name feature Plattsburgh Brewing Company beer as part of the recipe.

Meron said Plattsburgh Brewing Company is one of the most vegetarian-friendly menus in Plattsburgh. Many of the dishes start out without the protein portion, with the diner able to add their choice of meat for an additional charge.

“We hope to capture more of the vegetarian population,” Meron said.

Future plans include beer and food pairing events once a month

Plattsburgh Brewing Company features three distinct rooms, which feature granite table- and counter-tops, custom stone work and deep brown wood accents. 


The main dining room has a nice mix of tables and booths, the latter separated by semi-privacy screens. The dining room and lounge area are separated by a see-through fireplace and stone partition, and each features rounded sectional barrel-type ceilings. 

“It was fun laying this out,” Meron said.

Artwork on the walls features the brewing and pasta-making processes.

The bar area has 13 flat-screen televisions, and each of the other rooms has its own flat screen. Meron said he has a full satellite television package. 

There is also a Napa Technology WineStations wine-preservation system. Each unit holds up to four bottles of wine, which are preserved for up to 60 days using odorless and tasteless argon gas.

The lounge has a pool table, shuffleboard table and electronic dart board.The three rooms have seating for about 150 people.

Plattsburgh Brewing Company opens at 3:30 p.m. on weekdays with dinner available at 5 p.m. It opens at 11 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday for lunch.

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