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Employee Eamon Case (left) tends to his duties while Clare and Carl's owner Terry Murray talks about her establishment placing 23rd on a national list of the 35 best hot dogs in America. (P-R Photo/Gabe Dickens)

Clare and Carl's gets national recognition


PLATTSBURGH — Holy hot dogs.

The michigans at Clare and Carl’s are ranked 23rd on The Daily Meal website’s list of the 35 best hot dogs in America.

Owner Terry Murray said they were notified through their Facebook page in early summer. She said she has no idea who visited the restaurant and wrote the review that accompanies the story, but she appreciates the attention.

“It’s always nice to be recognized,” Murray said.


The section about Clare and Carl’s reads, “There’s a tiny little shack on Route 9 South in Plattsburgh, N.Y., with a big sign on it advertising Texas Red Hots. When you set foot inside the little building, which was built by founders Clare and Carl Warne in the 1940s, you’re going to want to order a ‘michigan,’ a steamed little hot dog, made just for the stand, on a special-made bun, topped with a secret meat sauce (aka michigan sauce) and chopped onions.

“The origin of the name is the stuff of legend, and plenty of secrets are housed within these walls, namely the ingredients in the sauce and the providers of the dogs and buns.

“But you don’t really need to know any of that. All you need to know is that this is a darn good hot dog, the best example out there of the style that’s unique to the region (and happens to have nothing to do with either Texas or Michigan).”

Murray said the only real secret is the sauce, even though many people say they know the recipe. The rolls were originally from Bouyea Bakery in Plattsburgh and are now supplied from a Pennsylvania-based company.


It’s not the first time the restaurant has received national attention for its michigans. It was one of three local establishments featured in Gourmet magazine in 2006, along with Gus’ Red Hots and McSweeney’s Red Hots.

A story about Clare and Carl’s even appeared in a Missouri newspaper after one of its reporters visited Plattsburgh.

“We’re starting to get famous after 71 years. It’s very cool,” Murray said.


She said they have many long-time, loyal customers, who often bring friends and relatives who are visiting the area to the popular eatery, located at 4727 Route 9 in the Town of Plattsburgh.

They also have many Canadian customers and have been featured in articles in publications north of the border.

“We have been family owned for 71 years. Not many businesses can say that,” she said.

She enjoys posting pictures of visitors from around the country on their Facebook page and says many of their customers have become friends.

“That’s part of the enjoyment of being here,” Murray said.

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The online story ranking Clare and Carl's features a picture of the exterior of the restaurant and a closeup of a michigan.

To view the story, visit http://www.thedailymeal.com/america-s-35-best-hot-dogs-slideshow