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Malone hospital expands outreach


MALONE — Alice Hyde Medical Center is taking its message to the people.

Senior citizens are invited to an informational session to learn more about medical services and wellness classes offered at the Malone hospital.

The presentation will be held at 11:30 a.m. Thursday at the Malone Adult Center on Morton Street, and seniors from all over Franklin County are welcome to attend and ask questions of hospital administrators and staff.


“It’s part of an overall strategy to get more information out to residents about the services we have,” said Connie Jenkins, director of communications, marketing and government affairs.

“We will be doing more in other places, but we thought, since this is our first time, we’d start with seniors because they are the ones who may want our services most."

Participants will include Medical Center President and Chief Executive Officer Douglas DiVello, Vice President of Medical Practices Ginger Carriero and Director of Community Relations Chantelle Marshall.


Alice Hyde’s campus on Park Street includes an Emergency Department, walk-in clinic, a sleep lab, the Reddy Cancer Treatment Center, the Hastings Hemodialysis Unit and the Holmes Rehabilitation Department.

The hospital also has four health centers: Tower Health Center in St. Regis Falls, Bessette Health Center in Chateaugay, Dwyer Health Center in Moira and Leroux Health Center in Fort Covington.

“A lot of people don’t realize the number of classes we have or that some of our doctors are specialists who we can get to make a presentation,” Jenkins said.

Classes can include diabetes management and other community-wellness issues.

Several support groups also meet at Alice Hyde, including those for Alzheimer’s disease, Alcoholics Anonymous, Weight Watchers and Narcotics Anonymous.


Jenkins said more areas of discussion will be available as the outreach program continues to take shape.

“This is just the start, so we’ll be finding our way,” she said.

Marshall said Alice Hyde's mission is to build a healthy community and that previous outreach efforts identified certain factors or conditions common among residents.

Those can be addressed through these kinds of orchestrated presentations and seminars that are tailored to topics.

"We want to bring more awareness and get more people involved by going where they are to make sure people get what they need and to address what their concerns are," she said. 

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To register to attend the free Alice Hyde Medical Center program at the Malone Adult Center, call 483-6611.