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Smith House Health Center Manager Robin Dunning (center) talks to visitors William Fensterer (from left), Anne Maxfield and John Manning about the services provided at Willsboro facility owned by Elizabethtown Community Hospital. Renovations have added five exam rooms, a women's health clinic and physical-therapy services five days a week. (P-R Photo/Alvin Reiner)

Smith House renovated


WILLSBORO — Major renovations have given the Smith House Health Center a new look, as well as the ability to provide additional services.

The facility, purchased by Elizabethtown Community Hospital last fall, now has five exam rooms and a women’s health clinic and sports new carpeting and repainted walls.

Smith House also now has a physical-therapy clinic that is staffed five days a week. Previously, residents from Willsboro and Essex had to travel to Elizabethtown to receive those services.


Smith House is hooked up with other medical facilities to access patient records and receive information from specialists. And it is tele-linked to the Elizabethtown Community Emergency Department, as well as having a shared data base.

“There is an advantage of having all of the hospital’s resources and to be able to share all of the services, as well as accreditations,” said ECH Director of Community Relations Jane Hooper.

For example, it is easier to tie in with insurance and state programs due to the affiliation with ECH.

Blood can be drawn and is brought to the hospital daily by courier for evaluation. In case of an emergency, arrangements can be made for immediate transport.


Most of the employees at the Willsboro facility are local.

“We can take care of our friends, our neighbors. We know their history,” Hooper said.

Dr. Mary Glickman is the resident physician, and Carly Hyatt is the physician’s assistant. Dr. Rob DeMuro will also be on site one day a week.

“I love this place,” said Glickman. “I get to really know the patients. The patients are very appreciative of having this clinic.

“We have made it homier. I see it getting very busy here. The word is starting to get out. It’s a model of health care that is not common anymore.

“We are also getting patients from Keeseville and Plattsburgh,” she added.


Smith House provides diagnosis and management of routine health problems, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease, as well as health maintenance and screenings, which include routine exams, pap smears and physicals.

In addition, there is urgent care for injuries and illnesses.

Smith House is open 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Call 963-4275 for information or to arrange an appointment.

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