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CVPH name to change

PLATTSBURGH — Come fall, CVPH Medical Center will begin to be known as Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital.

Burlington hospital Fletcher Allen Health Care will be renamed the University of Vermont Medical Center.

And Fletcher Allen Partners and the University of Vermont will merge its separate names into the University of Vermont Health Network.

“This new name reflects our teamwork — today and for the months and years to come,” said John Brumsted, president and chief executive officer of Fletcher Allen Partners and Fletcher Allen Health Care, in a press release. 

“For the past two years our hospitals have been enhancing quality of care through collaboration, saving millions in supply chain costs and making the tough but important decisions about which services we should offer at which locations to best serve our patients.”


In 2012, CVPH Medical Center’s parent organization, Community Partners Inc., joined Fletcher Allen Partners, which also includes Central Vermont Medical Center and Elizabethtown Community Hospital. 

Once it is known as Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital, the Plattsburgh facility’s name will be used together with the University of

Vermont Health Network in all communications, the release said.

Elizabethtown Community Hospital will keep its name but will incorporate the University of Vermont Health Network as well. 

Completion of the changes will take between a year and year and a half, the release said.

“In the coming weeks, Fletcher Allen will file corporate paperwork in Vermont and obtain necessary approvals from the New York State Education Department and the New York State Department of Health.” 


Adding University of Vermont Health Network to the names of the hospitals “will signal to patients that they are part of an academic health network, aligned with one of the top 10 academic medical centers in the country,” the release said. 

“This name change will clearly identify the network and the institutions that are part of the network will make it easy for patients to identify health-care organizations affiliated with the University of Vermont.”

“The integration of our cardiac services is a shining example of what the network can accomplish,” said Stephens Mundy, president and CEO of CVPH Medical Center and executive vice president for Northern New York, Fletcher Allen Partners. 

“This kind of collaboration is also helping to develop a family practice residency program, which we expect will have a tremendous impact on access to health care in the future,” he continued in the release.

“Our organization’s new name symbolizes a commitment to this partnership and our future while keeping in mind our long and proud history in this region.”

At Elizabethtown Community Hospital, CEO and Administrator Rod Boula said continuity of care is important to patients — “from the community based primary care centers owned by ECH to the advanced care available at Fletcher Allen Health Care, patients will understand they are entering a network facility whenever they see that new logo, no matter which facility they visit.”


Fletcher Allen Partners has met some key milestones since it was founded in October 2011, according to a press release.

It has:

• Saved the affiliated hospitals more than $5 million in supply chain purchases.

• Aligned cardiovascular care. Heart surgery consolidated into one program at Fletcher Allen Health Care. And Northern New York invasive-cardiology-services patients, many who were treated at Fletcher Allen, were redirected to CVPH Medical Center.

• Initiated planning to establish a family medicine residency program at CVPH Medical Center starting in 2016. An OB/GYN medical student clerkship will also be established there.

• Integrated Fletcher Allen's Jeffords Institute for Quality and Operational Effectiveness throughout the four-hospital network.

• A psychiatric medical student clerkship has been established at Central Vermont Medical Center.

• Incorporation of specialists at both CVMC and CVPH Medical Center into the University of Vermont Medical Group.