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No jobs lost in Uihlein Living Center partnership


LAKE PLACID — Details of shared operations at Uihlein Living Center, an elder-care facility here, are in the works.

Adirondack Health is collaborating with Post Acute Partners, a private company based in New York City, to add resources to the nursing-home complex and health campus once run by the Sisters of Mercy.

The nursing home at Uihlein and one in Tupper Lake were sold to the Adirondack Health consortium in 2006.

Adirondack Health spokesman Joe Riccio said the Mercy Care Center in Tupper Lake is not part of the partnership deal in discussion.


He said the medical workforce team and nursing-home staff would maintain their jobs with the transition.

“The existing staff is included in this process. Generally, the idea is that the workforce would be transferred over," Riccio said. 

"Post Acute Partners want to be good corporate neighbors. They realize they are coming into a community and want to do what’s right for the community.”


The goal, Riccio said, is sustainability of services through innovation.

“Ensuring sustainable quality care is the priority. This is about being able to partner with somebody who can bring those additional resources beyond the nursing-home setting.”

Adirondack Health administrators have met with nursing-home staff and also with Uihlein residents and their family members to discuss the pending transition.

Care for elders in place now won’t be disrupted, Riccio said.

“That’s why Post Acute Partners was such a good fit for this process.”

Seventy-four residents now live at the 80-bed Uihlein Living Center.


Adirondack Health could not be specific about either the price involved in any transaction or if part or all of the campus would actually change hands. 

“It’s a partnership. Post Acute Partners are collaborating with us on this venture, and we are combining resources to allow for greater investment in new health-care technology," Riccio said.

"Post Acute Partners is a company known to invest in resources needed for the most appropriate care. The details of the partnership are still being worked out."

The final collaboration agreement will unfold over the next few months, looking to deliver new elder-care options, including innovations in assisted living and sub-acute care.


The goal is to expand resources available to seniors.

Traditionally, people would move into a nursing home as they become elderly and infirm, Riccio explained.

“But that process is changing. People are living longer and staying healthier. That is why we are looking to increase options for people who may not see themselves as staying in a nursing home but may need a little help staying in their home. 

"The vision is to build Uihlein as a medical campus with services that fit the needs of the community.”


Tupper Lake’s Mercy Living Center is not involved in this partnership deal. But that facility recently earned designation as a community nursing home for veterans.

And because it’s a hospital-based nursing home, Mercy's Medicaid reimbursement rates are higher.

The change in options for elder care is being driven, in part, by the need to parse cost. Medicaid reimbursement doesn't cover the full cost of nursing-home care, which is creating revenue loss for providers nationwide.

"Our region is unique, and it's special," Riccio said. 

"For people who choose to live a long and full life here, we want to make sure they have access to quality health-care services delivered by a financially stable system and a well-trained workforce."

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Established in 2010 by Drs. Jeffrey Rubin and Warren Cole, Post Acute Partners says it has developed a new model for elder care.

The company been buying nursing homes in four states, including New York, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts.

According to their website, the company makes "significant investments in new and existing facilities to incorporate the latest in design and technology. We recognize the overall importance of well-designed layouts that result in higher patient/resident satisfaction and more efficient operations. Leveraging more than 20 years of design and building experience, we bring to market properties that are first class and state-of-the-art."

Post Acute Partners LLC most recently purchased most of the ElderWood nursing homes and related facilities in the Buffalo region last summer. The sale closed for a reported $141.5 million and involved six Assisted Living homes, two Independent Living facilities, and nine skilled nursing homes that had been family-owned for decades.

The collaborative partnership in the works with Adirondack Health is focused on delivering new types of elder health-care services.

"Collaboration generates innovation with new and combined resources and new health-care technology. That is what will contribute to the sustainability for quality care of residents in our area," Adirondack Health spokesman Joe Riccio said.