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Horace Nye sale closer


---- — ELIZABETHTOWN — All issues associated with the transfer of Horace Nye Nursing Home to its new owner have been resolved except one.

That one issue — the septic system at the 100-bed facility — is still holding up the sale closing, County Attorney Daniel Manning III told county lawmakers Monday.

“We’re still doing the transfer of Horace Nye, which I’m hopeful will happen this week. We’re still going back on forth on what needs to be done to clean up the septic tank and the seepage pits.”

Ownership of the county-owned facility was originally supposed to transfer to the Bronx-based Centers for Specialty Care at the end of December 2013, then by the end of every month since.

“The attorneys for Specialty Care are being very strict on this (septic issue),” Manning told the County Board of Supervisors. “The engineer on our end feels we should be doing a little less.”

The county previously agreed to put $75,000 from the $4.05 million sale payment into an escrow account to cover pumping out the 13 sewage drain pits around the Nursing Home. Manning said the county has hired Tectonic Engineering of Latham to do the work and analyze the septic waste.

The drainage pits for the home’s septic system are under the county’s back parking lots at the county complex.

The Centers for Specialty Care had agreed to enter into a post-sale understanding with the county so the sale could proceed and the work could be done later, Manning said.

Some supervisors suggested the county take a get-tough approach with the buyer, but Manning said he believed negotiations would be successful in a day or two.

The Centers for Specialty Care has personnel on site preparing for the takeover. Once the closing is held and the deed turned over to Specialty Care, the facility will be renamed Essex Center.

Manning said they are very close on the septic system.

“I think we’re near to a meeting of the minds. Everything else is in place.”

The Board of Supervisors approved extending its contract with three physical therapists who work at Horace Nye, until March 10 at $50 an hour. The contract had expired.

The board also OK’d a contract with Essex Operations Associates LLC, the new company formed by Centers for Specialty Care to run the nursing home, for it to reimburse the county for costs incurred in the interim before the transfer.

“It’s very frustrating,” Manning said. “Nobody wants this done sooner than I.”

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