Property Transfers

Franklin County Property Transactions

MALONE — Here’s a list of land transactions in Franklin County from March 1 through 22, 2013.

The buyer, the seller, the community where the property is located and the sale price (listed in that order) were culled from documents in the Clinton County Clerk’s Office:To Lealton J. Trombley and Esther L. Trombley from Esther L. Trombley and Lee Alton J. Trombley, Bangor, zero dollars.

To Michael Guthrie from Marjorie Perry, Malone, zero dollars.

To Shirley A. Allen from J. Ripley Allen, Harrietstown, zero dollars.

To Van Liew Trust Company in its capacity as trustee of the Shirley G. Alle Trust, from Shirley A. Allen, Harrietstown, zero dollars.

To Shirley A. Allen from Jerome R. Allen and Shirley A. Allen, Harrietstown, zero dollars.

To Adirondack Energy Producuts Inc. from Bilow Realty Holdings LLC, Malone, $1.

To The Ridgeway Cemetery Inc. from Alton J. Cook and Janice N. Cook, Burke, zero dollars.

To Gerald E. Childs and Peggy Ann Childs from Alain R. Choiniere and Andre C. Choiniere, Bangor, $21,000.

To Craig Barney from Bilow Farms Realty LLC, Malone, $8,900.

To Papas Realty LLC from Raymond L. Shova and Linda J. Shova, Malone, $24,000.

To Terry Rae Fountain from Paul W. Mace, Harrietstown, $1.

To Chase Kavanagh from Kavanagh Trucking Company Inc., Altamont, zero dollars.

To Dean Lavigne and Marcy Lavigne from Walter T. Lavigne and Shirley Lavigne, Tupper Lake, $1.

To Katja E. Opalka and Kai J. Opalka from Jorn Opalka and Heidi Opalka, Bellmont, $1.

To Helen S. Dennin from Brian S. Stewart, Esq., referee, Harrietstown,$50,500.

To Joey Gonia and Heather Donnelly from Stella O’Connor, Bangor, $1.

To John R. Novak and Theresa Novak, Santa Clara, zero dollars.

To Gaetan Yelle from Patricia M. Marshall and David P. Lamica, individually and as owner of North Country Self Storage, Malone, $140,000.

To Chrstopher P. McCaffrey and Whitney E. Curran from Robert Devins and Catherine Devins, Moira, $125,000.

To Jesse Allen from Dean Travers, Bangor, $64,890.

To Rucks Family Limited Partnership from Elle Investments LLC, Bellmont, Dickinson, Waverly (9), $759,957.

To Ryan Chatland from Doris C. Trinque formerly known as Doris Poirier, Fort Covington, $74,500.

To Andrew J. Moore from Ryan W. Chatland, Fort Covington, $57,000.

To Diane M. Pecore from Paul F. Debyah, Douglas A. Debyah, Douglas J. Debyah and Daniel J. Debyah, Constable, $22,000.

To Nicholas Andrew McKay from Nicholas Andrew McKay and Amy McKay, Franklin, $1.

To Strategic Staffing Services Inc. dba Total HR from Lawrence Development, Malone, $140,000.

To Karen Turcotte and Marcel LaFleur from Aaron A. Bashaw, Fort Covington, $50,000.

To Brian Benware and Lisa Marie Benware from Timothy F. Shova, Malone, $12,000.

To Steven Downer from Roderick Downer, Malone, zero dollars.

To John N. Lamica III from Rickey T. Baker, Bangor, $79,000.

To Miller-Parent LLC from Garland Logging General Partners, Malone, $25,000.

To William P. Sabin from William P. Sabin and Joyce M. Sabin, Moira, $1.

To Marilyn R. Dodge, Glenda K. Peters and Marie G. Berwick from Marc P. Barmat, trustee in bankruptcy for the estate of Keith G. Jessmer, Dickinson, $24,000.

To John H. Brockway and Jill A. Brockway from Daniel P. Rivera and Kimberly A. Rivera, Harrietstown, $100,000.

To Honor Shofi and Joanne Capolongo, as trustees of the trust under the will of Robert Shofi, from Honor Shofi and Joanne Capolongo, as co-executors of the last will and testament of Robert Shofi, Tupper Lake, zero dollars.

To Marvin Titus and Tammy Titus from Sandra M. Titus, Bellmont, $18,000.

To Terry Hart from Ricky Reyor, Malone, $500.

To Margaret McElwain Bradley from Errol F. McElwain Jr. and Joanne McElwain, Fort Covington (2), zero dollars.

To Marc A. Bechard and Linda L. Bechard from Edward Robert Yanke and Frederick P. Yanke Sr., Constable, $95,000.

To Richard Rule from Richard Rule, Douglas J. Rule, Dennis E. Rule, Ronald H. Rule, Betsy M. Kucipeck and Bonnie G. Rule, Tupper Lake, $1.

To Carol Wood from Michael Wood and Carol Wood, Malone, zero dollars.

To David J. Bell and Clarence Lee Bell from Mary Ellen Snyder, trustee of the Daniel J. Savage Revocable Trust and John V. Savage, trustee of the Daniel J. Savage Revocable Trust, Tupper Lake, $38,000.

To Richard B. Russ Family Trust from Charles F. Donnelly Jr., Santa Clara, zero dollars.

To John C. Glessner and Stefany L. Glessner from Richard B. Russ Family Trust, Santa Clara, $159,000.

To John C. Glessner and Stefany L. Glessner from Richard B. Russ Family Trust, Santa Clara, $506,000.

To Gerard Spinner from Hal Queyor successor trustee of the M. Patricia Creighton Trust, Fort Covington, $35,000.

To Shannon Drew from Robert J. Leclerc, Westville, $60,000.

To Bernard J. Cayea Jr. from Striper Management Corp., Moira, $6,200.

To Donald N. Decosse and Marjorie Decosse from Sybil Shea, Chateaugay, $2,000.

To Scott W. Wood from David D. Lewis, Harrietstown, $90,000.

To David L. Wells and Peggy L. Wells from Susan Johnston, Fort Covington, $13,500.

To Todd M. Parent and Audra J. Parent from John W. Marker and Connie L. Marker, Bellmont, $100,000.

To Brian Paul Kelahan and Colleen H. Connor from Douglas A. Sandman and Erin Sandman, Santa Clara, $590,000.

To Peter Paquin from Matthew B. Bruffee and Luke E. Bruffee, Bombay, Fort Covington, $18,000.

To Michelle Patrie and Melissa Jones Warner from Malcolm Jones and Sharon B. Jones, Malone, zero dollars.

To Barbara Curtis from John K. Graham and Richard Hallock, as executors of the last will and testament of Charles K. Brumley, Harrietstown, $1.

To Todd Santi from Faouzi Hage and Katia Hage, Bangor, $10,000.

To Douglas Zobel and Jessica Zobel from David L. Benham and Linda L. Tarantelli, Harietstown, $1.

To James Leach from Martin Murphy and Penny Leigh Murphy, Harrietstown, $249,800.

To Justin E. Cooke from Susan C. Hurtubise, Bombay, zero dollars.

To Andrea McGregor from Kenneth Smallman, executor of the estate of James L. Smallman, Fort Covington, $77,000.

To Vincenzo Magro and Nicholas Magro from Knabe House LLC, Harrietstown, $315,000.

To Amy L. Kohanski from Roy D. Hurd and Amy L. Kohanski, Santa Clara, zero dollars.

To Stephen M. Brown and Paula M. Mastry from Bonny J. Clark, Malone, $40,000.

To Stacey C. Byno from Stacey C. Byno formerly known as Stacey C. Samascott, as executor of the last will and tesament of Richard W. Byno and Cynthia Ellen Byno, Santa Clara, zero dollars.

To William J. Brown and Delilah A. Brown from William J. Brown and Delilah A. Brown, Westville, $1.

To Keith E. McNeil from Ruth M. McNeil, Dickinson, zero dollars.

To Mark Briere from Mark Briere and Ann Briere, Malone, zero dollars.

To Leland Frazier from Sharon Rascoe Martin, Moira, $25,000.

To Gary W. Malette from Vonda L. McKinstry, Burke, $70,000.

To Scott Barrett from Barbara J. Andrews, individually and as executrix of the estate of George R. Tackley and executrix of the estate of Margaret E. Tackley, and as administrator of the estate of Alice T. Pelkey, Malone, zero dollars.