Property Transfers

Franklin County Property Transactions: Sept.16 through Oct. 18, 2013

MALONE — Here’s a list of land transactions in Franklin County from Sept.16 through Oct. 18, 2013. The buyer, the seller, the community where the property is located and the sale price (listed in that order) were culled from documents in the Franklin County Clerk’s Office:

To Daniel S. Mills and Melissa A. Mills from James A. Gauthier and Beverly A. Gauthier, Bellmont, $153,000.

To Marcellus Gas Corp. from Brian S. Stewart, Esq., referee, Alaskan Oil Inc. and Parish Land Co. Inc., Tupper Lake, zero dollars.

To 86 Demars Boulevard LLC from Marcellus Gas Corp., Tupper Lake, zero dollars.

To Rainbow Lake LLC from James McClane and Rosemary McClane, Brighton, $150,000.

To Brian R. Ojida and Marissa S. Ojida from Zachary C. Arnold and Caitlin L. Arnold, Malone, $100,000.

To Terry Bushey and Vicky Bushey from Serge Gauthier and Nancy Gauthier, Moira, $2,000.

To Steven M. Gordon from Brian Ojida and Marissa Ojida, Malone, $81,500.

To Meadowbrook Springs Inc. from County of Franklin, Bellmont, zero dollars.

To Seaway Timber Harvesting Inc. from Meadowbrook Springs Inc., Bellmont, zero dollars.

To Kolin Malley from John J. Russell and Gabrielle L. Russell, Malone, $70,000.

To Carrie L. Tucker from David N. Brewer and Carrie L. Tucker, Dickinson, $4,000.

To Toni R. Miles, individually, and Robert D. Clark, as trustee of the Robert Clark Trust from John S. Routh III and Bettina H. Routh, Tupper Lake, $2,037,500.

To Michael Dashno and Deborah Dashno from Brandon K. Marsh, Dickinson, $85,000.

To Sue Breen from Larry D. Randall and Paula J. Morgan, Waverly, $40,000.

To Allen L. Trombley from Patrick J. Earl, Bangor, $5,000.

To Jeremy T. Campeau from Charles Lantry and Mary Lou Lantry, Fort covington, $54,000.

To Joseph Steven Lapierre and Denise Lyn Lapierre from Robert James Pinsonnault and Kim Mary Sullivan, co-executors of the estate of Marjory M. Pinsonnault, Franklin, $30,000.

To Joel Boudreau and Jody Boudreau from Michael Godin and Martha Godin, Tupper Lake, $22,500.

To Lois J. Reisman, as trustee of the Lois J. Reisman Revocable Living Trust, from Lois J. Reisman, Bellmont, zero dollars.

To William C. Heath Jr. from Carl F. Shantie and Linda Shantie, Brandon, $38,000.

To Dan I. Coma from Omniu Trend LLC, Malone, $2,076.

To Mark E. King from Veronica B. King, Malone, $1.

To Edward W. Legacy and Daniel E. Clark from Jeffrey Lord and Amanda Lord, Bangor, $200.

To James J. Griebsch, trustee of the Francis and Eleanor Blum Living Trust from James J. Griebsch, as executor of the estate of Francis J. Blum , Harrietstown, zero dollars.

To Robert T. Rose Sr. and Nancy K. Rose from Joanne Zatonski, Bellmont, $25,000.

To Bilow Farms Realty LLC from Mark Chickering, Burke, $40,000.

To Lisa M. Neumann also known as Lisa M. Masso from Lisa K. Neumann also known as Lisa M. Masso and Richard N. Neumann, Franklin, zero dollars.

To The Nametz Family Irrevocable Trust from Virginia Nametz, individually and as surviving tenant by the entirety of Warren Nametz, Malone, $1.

To Jeffrey L. Beach and Donna Beach from Nametz Family Irrevocable Trust, Malone, $6,000,

To Joe Tyson and Elizabeth A. Tyson from Richard R. Barney and Deborah M. Barney, Constable, $60,000.

To Craig M. Bruso and Normajean I. Bruso from Jay Bluteau, Charlene Harrigan and Karen Mayville, Constable, $77,000.

To Curtis A. Reynolds and Jennifer Reynolds from Leonard Wood and Jane Wood, Harrietstown, $133,400.

To Kenneth Lavigne and Sandra Lavigne from Sean English, Chateaugay, $155,000.

To Charles Tucker from Robin L. Gardner now known as Robin L. Mayville, Malone, $37,000.

To Ryan P. Swift from Elmore T. Johnson Jr. and Judith Ann Johnson, Malone, $220,000.

To Brian Wright and Nicole Bezie, trustees of the James Wright and Lois Wright Living Trust, from Lois A. Wright and James A. Wright, Brighton, zero dollars.

To Kelly J. Black from Anne E. Perry, Duane $63,000.

To County of Franklin from Fred P. Quenzer and Donna Singleton, Malone, $1.

To North Country Habitat for Humanity from County of Franklin, Malone, zero dollars.

To Amanda Ryan from Joan Walker now known as Joan K. O’Connor, Bellmont, $1.

To Wallace G. Phillips from Tracy Bassett formerly known as Tracy Abare, Bellmont, zero dollars.

To US Bank from Bryan J. Hughes Esq, referee, Malone, $88,805.84.

To Amy L. Baldwin from Richard P. McCarty Jr. and Barbara A. Rice, Harrietstown, $99,000.

To Gary R. Magher and Rhea V. Magher from Edward N. Esmay, Tupper Lake, $130,000.

To Thomas R. Barclay and Natalia R. Barclay from Kevin A. Bartel and Mary L. Bartel, Harrietstown, $94,000.

To Highlands Greens Golf Course Inc. from Daniel S. Mills and Melissa A. Mills, Dickinson/Moira, $168,500.

To Kevin J. Glennon from John H. Glennon, James S. Glennon, Barry G. Glennon, Kevin J. Glennon, constituting all the heirs at law and next of kin of Celestina Glennon, Bellmont, zero dollars.

To Aaron L. White and Terri White from Theron A.White, Brenda White, Aaron L. White and Terri (Peck) White, Dickinson, zero dollars.

To Steven Lorette from James J. Lorette Sr. and Dorothy H. Lorette, Harrietstown, zero dollars.

To Justin Stickney and Jordan Stickney from Arthur Perrea, Dickinson, zero dollars.

To Kimberly A. Risley from Kimberly A. Risley and Dane C. Risley, Santa Clara, $1.

To Abraham Corrie from Galen Yoder, Brandon, $45,000.

To Robert Carter, Caroline Carter and James Carter from Robert Carter and William Carter, Burke, $2,500.

To Timothy Mainville from James B. Black, Fort Covington, $5,000.

To Gary Monica from Alpha Latray Jr., Bangor, $118,000.

To Gordon Clark from Nancy L. Kress and Conrad R. Kress, Bellmont, $13,500.

To Loon Lake Owner Trust from Samuel Gewurz and Brenda Mario Urman Gewurz, Franklin, $285,000.

To Samuel H. Shipman and Micah T. Shipman from Chateau River Place Inc., Chateaugay, $14,000.

To Beau J. Brand and Jessica L. Brand from Daniel E. Clark and Edward W. Legacy, Malone, $17,000.

To Shannon D. Hart and Barbara I. Hart from Annette Marshall-Magnanti, Bellmont, $40,000.

To Ryan N. Degon and Allison B. Coburn from Glenn C. Sternisha and Susan Sternisha, Constable, $125,000.

To Warren Gerow and Amanda A. Gerow from Robert C. Sylvia Jr., Charles C. Sylvia, Norina Raggiani, Lisa Martin, as sole heirs and next of kin of Robert C. Sylvia Sr., Carol A. Sylvia and Lisa Martin, Brandon, $14,000.

To Jean E. Jacques and Angela J. Jacques from Ryan P. Quinn, Bangor, zero dollars.

To Michelle Lynn St. Louis and Andrew James St. Louis from Jecinda M. Hughes and Josh P. Wilson, Harrietstown, $30,000.

To Jordanna B. Mallach from Jolene Robinson, Harrietstown, $135,000.

To Chad Yonker from Waguih Kirollos and Linda Kirollos, Franklin, $780,000.

To Brian M. Harrigan and Andrea M. Harrigan from Seaway Timber Harvesting Inc., Malone, $13,500.

To Lindsay W. Rockhill from Donald LaTray also known as Donald Henry LaTray, individually and as surviving spouse of Eleanor LaTray, Moira, $15,000.

To Gregory Trombley and Venetia Trombley from Roberta M. Allendorf, Tupper Lake, $110,000.

To Toby F. Leclair and Amy Leclair from Gina Strachan and Antonio J. Baccio, Chateaugay, $23,000.

To Daniel Clark and Douglas Clark from Veronica Rivers, Malone, $18,800.

To Dr. Frank Moore MD, a professional corporation, from Sandra L. Moore formerly known as Sandra L. Gould, Harrietstown, zero dollars.

To Frank H. Moore MD and Sandra G. Moore, trustees of the Frank and Sandra Moore Living Trust, from Dr. Frank Moore MD, a professional corporation, Harrietstown, zero dollars.

To Tammy L. Tuper and Thomas R. Tuper from David M. Gardner and Zenaida Aida Gardner, Fort Covingtin, $63,500.

To Ben P. Deluca from John MacClain, Malone, $31,000.

To Anne M. Marlowe from Lloyd Marlowe and Anne Marlowe, Malone, zero dollars.

To Ronald S. Gardner from Barbara A. Gardner, Franklin, zero dollars.

To Garvin E. Burl from Barbara Burl, Harrietstown, zero dollars.

To John Hyde from Clifton Hyde and Jean S. Hyde, Malone, zero dollars.

To Janice F. Mock from Arthur Mock Jr., Fort Covington, zero dollars.

To Michael R. Godin II and Jacqueline L. Godin from Donald Cliche, Constable, $185,000.

To Sheila Avery Mannix from Daniel D. Mannix and Sheila Avery Mannix, Fort Covington, zero dollars.

To Robert Willette and Abigail Willette from David Perry and Irene Perry, Malone, $65,000.

To Stone Financing LLC from Dean Clark Peterson and Lee Ann M. Peterson, Malone, $147,500.

To Matthew Maguire from Stone Financing LLC, Malone, $147,500.

To John W. Bombard from Darrell O. Rockhill and Lynn Rockhill, Constable, $200.

To Darrel O. Rockhill and Lynn Rockhill from John W. Bombard, Constable, $200.

To Bernie Bushey and Susan Bushey from Mark Spooner and Anna Spooner, Franklin, $14,000.

To Ethan L. Dufrane from Joey Dufrane, Constable, $1.

To Joseph F. Ryan from Stephen Walaski and Eileen Walaski, Harrietstown, $360,000.

To Harry J. Dow from Douglas Knapp and Jacqueline Luna Knapp, Moira, $37,500.

To John Nagy and Carol Nagy from Edward R. Fortier and Debra Ann Fortier, Tupper Lake, $200,000.

To Brent Vincent and Sherrie Vincent from Todd Santi, Bangor, $14,000.

To Reevie Arthur J. Rockhill from Earle C. Sweeny and Anna Mae Sweeny, Westville, $7,000.

To Danny F. Lancor and Debra Lancor from Patricia B. Richer, Tupper Lake, $18,000.

To Loren R. Richards Sr. and Kathleen C. Richards from Alisha M. Edwards and Tina Aubrey, Dickinson, $25,000.

To Metcalf Farms LLC from Stephen M. Goldberg, Constable, $14,000.

To Stuart J. Lalonde and Mary A. Lalonde from James C. Waters and Nancy L. Waters, Tupper Lake, $95,000.

To Denny Brown and Theresa J. Rusin from Tana Hare formerly known as Tana Moz, Harrietstown, $157,500.

To Neil Kolsky and Beverly Kolsky from Daniel R. Keehn and James C. Keehn, Santa Clara, $365,000.

To Earle C. Hoxie, trustee, and Helen M. Hoxie, trustee of the Hoxie Farmily Trust, from Earle C. Hoxie and Helen M. Hoxie, Harrietstown, zero dollars.

To Eastern New York-New England District of the Wesleyan Church and Brandon Center Wesleyan Church from Carolyn J. Bennett, Brandon, zero dollars.

To Mateele Kall, as trustee of the Thomas Shaheen and Rose Shaheen Irrevocable Living Trust, from Thomas Shaheen and Rose Shaheen, Tupper Lake, $1.

To Dreyfoos Adirondack LLC from Alexander W. Dreyfoos Jr., Harrietstown, zero dollars.

To Frederick W. Willett, John R. Willett, Robert Willett and Bradley Willette from Robert F. Willett, Frederick W. Willett and John R. Willett, Malone, $1.

To Emily Martz from Brandon Crone and Kerry Crone, Harrietstown, $65,000.

To Nicholas Pelletier and Rebekah Pelletier from Thomas M. Vaillancourt and Charity Simmons, Malone, $66,000.

To Kyle Labare from Kim Richey and Kimberly Richey, Chateaugay, $113,000.

To Lillian B. Jannon, trustee of the Lillian B. Jannon Living Revocable Trust, from Lillian B. Jannon, Santa Clara, zero dollars.

To Bryan H. Lapage and Vitaline Lapage from Lyle l. Cook and Bryan H. Lapage, Moira, $15,000.

To the Paul J. Goodrow and Francois M. Goodrow Living Trust Agreement from Paul J. Goodrow and Francoise M. Goodrow, Malone, $1.

To Shaheens Supermarket Inc. from Marc Counter, Tupper Lake, $40,000.

To Mark S. Bailey from John A. Bettner and Christine Bettner, trustees of the Bettner Family Trust, Harrietstown, $80,000.

To Mark S. Bailey from John A. Bettner and Christine C. Bettner, Harrietstown, $295,000.

To Christopher E. King from Christopher E. King and Danielle L. King, also known as Danielle L. Lenny, Malone, zero dollars.

To Paul Howard and Nichole Howard from Dawn Gokey, $13,000.

To Sunset Lake Farm No 2 LLC from AG Venture Financial Services Inc., Chateaugay, $980,000.

To The Susan H. Norman Trust and William Kemp Norman Jr. from William Kemp Norman Jr., Tyler Norman Scott formerly known as Anne Tyler Norman and William Kemp Norman III, individually and as heirs of Susan H. Norman, Brighton, zero dollars.

To Kristen M. Hart from Edward A. Johnston, Sidney C. Johnston and Anne Marie Johnston, Malone, $75,500.

To Cedar Circle LLC from Kelly M.Grimm, as executrix of the last will and testament of Mary E. Mose, Brighton, $101,000.To Christopher Dickenson and Penelope Dickenson from Barbara A. Wood, Duane, $15,300.

To Bradford D. MacDonald and Karen A. MacDonald from Bruce D. Barney, Constable, $108,000.

To Esteban A. Munoz and Chantal D. Munoz from James A. Spinner and Lori J. Spinner, Malone, $130,000.

To James Spinner and Lori Spinner from Douglas J. Wolinsky, Esq., as Chapter 7 Bankruptcy trustee for the estate of Daniel C. Scott, Malone, $72,000.

To James Spinner and Lori Spinner from Douglas J. Wolinsky, Esq., as Chapter 7 Bankruptcy for the estate of Jane A. Scott, Malone, $72,500.

To Todd A. David and Alexandria C. Bevilacqua from Philip F. Sullivan, Harrietstown, $96,000.

To Richie King and Paula King from Leonard Tallman and Sandra Tallman, Chateaugay, $45,000.

To Keith L. Bassett and Philip W. Bassett from Keith L. Bassett, Dickinson, zero dollars.

To Bruce D. Barney and Tammy M. Barney from Mario Douyon DeAzevedo, Malone, $92,500.

To Noah H. Reiff and Alma H. Reiff from Robert L. Backus, Bangor, $10,250.

To Robert G. Frye and Sarah G. Weaver from Janet Brady Harwood and Constance Brady Wille, Bangor, $50,000.

To Daniel Russell from Rebecca L. Riggs, Bombay $20,000.

To Jamie A. Shanty and Robin L. Shanty from Daryll S. Prue executor of the estate of Sherry L. Shanty, Brighton, $30,000.

To Robert A. Ross and Patricia O’Gorman from Henry J. Schwalenstocker Jr. and Catherine A. Schwalenstocker, Harrietstown, $256,000.

To Julius N. Tremblay and Michael J. Tremblay from Kevin A. Falls, Bombay, $10,000.

To Bilow Farms Realty LLC from Cynthia Tedesco as administrator of the estate of William D. Tedesco, Burke, $12,500.

To Notre Maison Inc. from Notre Maison Inc. and 81 Caldwell Corp., Malone, zero dollars.

To Lowell Niles from Cynthia Vontobel formerly known as Cynthia Beddington, Malone, $85,000.

To Jason Ingle from Anthony L. Laughing Jr.and Antoinette Bigtree, as trustees of the Laughing Family Trust, Bombay, zero dollars.

To Domenico Properties LLC from Trudeau Institute LLC, Harrietstown, $254,000.

To Joanne T. Fessette from Lawrence Bulriss and Phyllis Bulriss, Chateaugay, zero dollars.

To Gary E. Olmstead from Thomas J. Olmstead, trustee of the Olmstead Family Irrevocable Trust, Franklin, $150,000.

To David A. Bressette and Lucille S. Parah from Alice Frederick, Bellmont, $45,000.

To David W. Dear and Paulette M. Dear from Marilyn D. Schauer, individually and as surviving tenant by the entirety of Ronald L Schauer, Bellmont, $170,000.

To Steven Jeffrey Rousell from Steven Jeffrey Rousell and Cassandra Emily Rousell, Fort Covington, $1.

To Monique M. Smith from Bryan A. Groves and Mary Groves, Malone, $65,000.

To Beth A. Dixon and Charles J. List from Linda R. Ivanenok, individually and as surviving spouse of Joseph F. Ivanenok, Bellmont, $194,500.

To Eileen R. Cook from James L. Latulipe, Bombay, $86,000.

To Bilow Farms Realty LLC from Ian Cumming and Allison Taylor, Burke/Malone, $275,000.