Property Transfers

Franklin County Property Transactions: March 17 to April 18, 2014

MALONE — Here’s a list of land transactions in Franklin County from March 17 to April 18, 2014.

The buyer, the seller, the community where the property is located and the sale price (listed in that order) were culled from documents in the Franklin County Clerk’s Office:fr deeds march 17to 21 2014

To Matthew Fry and Judith C. Fry from Supplemental Needs Trust for Benefit of Peter Robare, Constable, $92,500.

To Ralph L. MacDonald III, trustee of the MacDonald Big Wolf Trust from Ralph L. MacDonald II, as trustee of the Virginia W. MacDonald Big Wolf Qualified Personal Residence Trust, Tupper Lake, zero dollars.

To Double Eagle Aviation LLC from Landry Airport LLC, Tupper Lake, $130,000.

To Michael Skarbinski and Jack Skarbinski aka Jack Skarbinski, Harrietstown, zero down.

To Manfred Mueller and Susan Joan Mueller from Lionel Arlan and Esther S. Arlan, Harrietstown, $264,000.

To Sue R. Lafleur from Marty M. Lafleur and Matthew E. Lafleur, Burke, zero dollars.

To Christopher M. Hartmann from Christopher M. Hartmann and Amanda D. Chreitzberg formerly known as Amanda D. Hartmann, Franklin, zero dollars.

To Michael Roberts and Janet Roberts from Wayne Roberts, Tupper Lake, zero dollars.

To Joel Snyder from Patricia A. Bates, Tupper Lake, zero dollars.

To Jayda Strader from Cindy S. Kentile and Jayda Strader as executrix of the estate of Joyce S. Amell, Tupper Lake, zero dollars.

To Kevin Carpenter from Community Bank, Malone, $30,000.

To Red Top Inn LLC from Jerzy Maliszewski and Donna Maliszewski, Tupper Lake, zero dollars.

To Jeremy Scott McDonald from Thomas P. Derouchie and Barbara A.  Derouchie, Fort Covington, $58,000.

To Jonathan Adams from Peter C. Bossarelli, Bombay, $7,500.

To ADK Riverside LLC from Lorri Belile, Waverly, $120,000.

To Karen A. Hanson from Leif P. Sorgule, Harrietstown, $120,000.

To Carol A. Davies from Frequest Enterprises LLC, Malone, zero dollars.

To Timothy Barcomb from Everest Mortgage Co. Inc., Malone, $130,000.

To Gilbert Paddock from Ellen C. Wright individually and as surviving tenant by the entirety of Thomas W. Wright, Duane, $105,000.

To Michael Boff from Kellen Bassette, Moira, $3,800.

To Michael A. Aurigema from Amar P. Patel, Bellmont, $19,500.

To Nichole R. Christy from Wayne C. Lavair and Mandy M. Lavair, $81,170.72.

To John A. Markie and Michele M. Markie from Bernard J. Cayea Jr., Moira, $18,000.

To Michael D. Allen and Tonya M. Allen from Richard Spaulding, Bellmont, $32,385.78.

To US Bank as trustee, successor in interest to Bank of America, from Francis E. Wood and Christine Wood, Malone, $73,980.

To Brent J. Oakes and Nichole J. Oakes from Jay St. Hilaire and Karen L. St. Hilaire, Moira, $57,500.

To John W. Marshall Jr. and Marci K. Marshall from Michael Poirier and Melissa Poirier, Bellmont, $75,000.

To John E. Bartlett and Linda Bartlett from Anthony O. Kenney and Cheri M. Kenney, Malone, zero dollars.

To Mervin B. Sensenig and Erma B. Sensenig from Charles A. Lapree, Joseph M. Lapree and Sean C. Lapree, Moira, $27,000.

To Megan L. Bristol from Ira Weissman and Evelyn Weissman, Malone, $92,700.

To Brad J. Crosby and Christine M. Crosby from Arnold Nidecker, Harrietstown, $136,000.

To Noah H. Reiff and Alma H. Reiff from Matthew E. Douthat, Esq., Bangor, $114,000.

To Dorrie Rene Jensen from Kevin A. Jensen, Tupper Lake, zero dollars.

To Megan J. Haught from Charles S. Robertson and Sonia Madrigal, Waverly, $186,000.

To Candi L. Johnston from Marc P. Vanier and Lindsey O. Vanier, Chateaugay, $76,500.

To Francis Casier, Audrey Casier and David H. Casier from Francis Casier, Harrietstown, zero dollars.

To Ronald E. Clark from Jamel Clark, Ronald E. Clark Jr., Sandra Nichols and Susan Welch, Bellmont, $80,000.

To Earl Dunn from Wells Fargo Bank, Tupper Lake, $32,900.

To Steven M. Scott and Danielle J. Scott from Lawrence W. Perry and Susan M. Perry, Moira, $78,000.

To Craig E. Donaldson and Nora J. Donaldson from Catherine B. Donaldson Shene, Harrietstown, $1.

To Catherine K. Fitzgerald and John H. Fitzgerald from Catherine B. Donaldson Shene, Harrietstown, $1.

To Adam J. Facteau and Cameron M. Facteau from Mark D. Facteau, Franklin, zero dollars.

To Darren Mitchell and Holly Mitchell from Teresa Latulipe, individually and as surviving tenant by the entirety of Bernard LaTulipe, deceased, Bombay, $40,000.

To Danielle M. Lynardakis and Alisa C. Moskowitz from Robert J. Labella, Dickinson, $86,500.

To Todd James Fitzgerald from Todd James Fitzgerald and Rebecca Fitzgerald, Constable, zero dollars (2).

To Rickey L. Hamelin from William J. Estano, Fort Covington, $80,000.

To John W. Bombard from John W. Bombard as surviving spouse of Jacqueline F. Bombard, deceased, Constable, zero dollars.

To Jay A. Trumble from Harvey E. Pryor, Brandon, $11,000.

To Charles M. Dole from Charles M. Dole, trustee of the Charles M. Dole Living Trust, Brighton, $1.

To Burgess Dole from Charles M. Dole, Brighton, zero dollars.

To Charles M. Dole, trustee of the Charles M. Dole Living Trust, from Charles M. Dole, Brighton, $1.

To Richard Cunningham from Franklin County, Westville, $4,300.

To Rose Acceptance Inc. from Building Maintenance Specialists LLC, Brandon, $40,000.

To Pickering Holdings LLC from KB’s Adirondack Country Store LLC, Tupper Lake, $115,000.

To Beneficial Homeowner Service Corp from James E. Maher, referee and Edwin Stevens, Joshua Stevens, Tupper Lake, $62,311.26.

To Cindy D. Stevens from Gilberta Carter, as administratrix of the estate of Douglas L. Carter, deceased, Bellmont, zero dollars.

To Robert Marshall, Zach Marshall and John Hart from Orrick G. Chapman and Laura A. Chapman, Bellmont, zero dollars.

To Kyle J. Hanley and Emily W. Hanley from Kyle Hanley also known as Kyle J. Hanley, Bellmont, zero dollars.

To Donald W. Puffer and Donna L. Puffer from Robert Boschen, Dickinson, $34,000.

To Randy Perry and Marsha Perry from J.R. Mandish as trustees of the J.R. Mandish Revocable Trust, Bellmont, $38,500.

To Timothy L. Jock II and Trinity L. Bushey from Timothy L. Jock II as administrator of the estate of Timothy L. Jock, Harrietstown, zero dollars.

To Timothy L. Jock II from Timothy L. Jock II and Trinity L. Bushey, Harrietstown, zero dollars.

To Leif Sorgule and Stephanie VanEss from Gregory A. Hill and Diana S. Hill, Santa Clara, $156,000.

To Chad M. Savage from Chad S. Savage and Carol I. Savage, Tupper Lake, $1.

To X Class Corp from Marken Enterprises Inc., Malone, $6,300.

To David St. Onge from Raquette River Properties LLC, Tupper Lake, $42,000.

To Phyllis Jacoby from Ronald L. Steenberg, executor of the estate of Scott J. Steenberge, Malone, $64,000.

To E. Shamim Allen from Morgan’s Win Inc., Harrietstown, $135,000.

To Douglas Stuart from Patricia A. Stuart, Bellmont, zero dollars.

To Justin Tucker and Kelli Tucker from Justin Tucker, Dickinson, zero dollars.

To Hallie F. Marciniak from Lawrence H. Hanover Jr. and Irene D. Smith, formerly known as Irene D. Hanover, Chateaugay, $2,000.

To Walter E. Lowthian III, trustee under the Walter E. Lowthian III Trust, and Linda J. Sheffield, trustee under the Linda J. Sheffield Trust, from Walter E. Lowthian and Linda J. Lowthian, Tupper Lake, $1.

To M&T Bank from Matthew E. Douthat for Sandra L. Fefee and Charles J. Fefee, defendants, Bangor, $22,950.

To Dockery Properties LLC from Joan H. Sage and Carol G. Duclos, Harrietstown, $58,000.

To Dennis F. Clark and Dennis W. Clark from Tandy Wilson, Dickinson, zero dollars.

To Thomas G. Fisher and Betty A. Strongman from Tandy Wilson, Dickinson, $42,000.

To Stacey J. Mulloney and Katti T. Stone from Gregory D. Stone and Linda D. Stone, Fort Covington, zero dollars.

To Jeremy Scott McDonald and Morris Oakes from Jeremy Scott McDonald, Fort Covington, zero dollars.

To Emily Miller from Bonita M. St. Hilaire, as executrix of the estate of Joseph V. King, deceased, Moira, $34,000.

To Vicki A. Jodway and Curtis M. Squier from Vicki Jodway, Harrietstown, zero dollars.

To Douglas B. Cohen, Steven P. Cohen and Andrew P. Cohen from Jack Cohen and Roslyn R. Cohen, Malone, zero dollars.

To The MacEwen US Real Estate Trust, Allison Elizabeth Price, trustee, from Charles G. Dalch and Jennifer S. Dalch, Franklin, $765,000.

To Jerry J. O’Connor from Stella O’Connor, Brandon, zero dollars.

To Guardian Preservation LLC from Patricia A. Preston, Harrietstown, $1,350.

To John D. Carter and Laurie A. Carter from Scott Allen Gilbert, William Thomas Gilbert, Roger Thomas Teneyck and Kimberly Ives, Waverly, $15,500.

To Brandon J. Donahue from Lyle Cook, Moira, $40,000.

To Airgas USA LLC from Airgas and Airgas USA LLC, Moira, zero dollars.

To Rick W. Seguin from Zack E. Cross and Tamara L. Cross, Dickinson, $30,000.

To Peter A. Neveu from Lynda A. Neveu, Bellmont/Chateaugay, zero dollars.

To Joey F. St. Mary and Zoanne St. Mary from Jeffrey R. Snell and Christina M. Bonno, Bangor, $6,000.

To HomEnergy Services Inc. from Gerard P. Cavallo and Joseph P. Cavallo Jr., harrietstown, $85,500.

To New York Cabin LLC from Roger K. Hesseltine, trustee, under the Roger K. Hesseltine Rovocable Trust, Harrietstown, zero dollars.

To The Kirschenbaum/Rapp Trust from Eric C. Mollman and Mary C. Mollman, Tupper Lake, $1,390,000.

To Karilee A. Rogers from Howard J. Goodrow and Laura M. Goodrow, Waverly, $59,900.

To Tyler John Michael Cassavaw and Evan James Cobb from Susan M. Cassavaw, Chateaugay, $1.

To Wallace Dumont and Tammy M. Dumont from Tyler John Michael Cassavaw and Evan James Cobb, Chateaugay, $40,000.

To Josie Tripp and Pebbles Stewart from Robert J. Tripp, Bellmont, zero dollars.

To Todd Rockhill and Karen Rockhill from Rose M. Lafave, Malone, $40,000.

To Christopher A. Kelly and Angela C. Johnston from Martin L. Trembley, Malone, $165,000.

To Crescent Bay Holdings LLC from Catherine D. Carter, Harrietstown, zero dollars.

To LS Marina LLC from Crescent Bay Holdings LLC, Harrietstown, $1,700,000.

To Gaetan Yelle from Wells Fargo Bank, Dickinson, $13,000.

To Veronica Tatro and Odette Curtiss from Sylvester LaClair, as administrator of the estate of Leonard A. LaClair, deceased, Moira, $20,000.

To Kyle M. Laurie from Rolland Thomas and Michele Thomas, Dickinson, $35,000.

To Barry J. Russell and Melodye A. Russell from Melodye A. Russell and Barry J. Russell, Moira, $1.

To Matthew J. Chodat, Michael J. Epstein, Gary F. Epstein and Lynda A. Epstein from Gary F. Epstein and Lynda A. Epstein, Malone, $1.

To Bilow Farms Realty LLC from Scott D. Collins also known as Scott Collins aka Scott R. Collins, malone, $343,625.

To Bilow Farms Realty LLC from Herbert J. Healey and Carolyn J. Healey, Chateaugay, $400,000.

To Bilow Farms Realty LLC from Peter Neveu, $100,000.

To David C. Moore and Kristine I. Moore from Salmon River Holdings Inc., Bangor, $288,500.

To Bilow Farms Realty LLC from Daniel E. Clark and Edward W. Legacy, Malon, $50,000.

To Bruce Patterson and Warren Patterson, Burke, zero dollars.

To Peter J. Rogers from William H. Rich, Harrietstown, $200,000.

To Scott J. Smith from Jay M. St. Hilaire, Moira, $25,000.

To Matthew Welch from Paul Rasmussen, Tupper Lake, $75,000.

To Nathan J. Larock and Sheri A. Larock from James O. Larock and Sheila J. Larock, Moira, zero dollars.

To Merilee Freeman from Merilee Freemans executor of the last will and testament of Claude E. Freeman, deceased, Harrietstown, zero dollars.

To Christopher Thomas from David Miner, Malone, $204,000.

To James E. Harwood Jr. and Catherine A. Harwood from James Harwood Jr., Duane, zero dollars.

To John F. Brethour and Kathryn C.Brethour from John F. Brethour and Kathryn C.Brethour, Fort Covington, zero dollars.

To Lawrence Elmen, trustee of the Kathryn C. Brethour Irrevocable Trust from John F. Brethour and Kathryn C. Brethour, Fort Covington, $82,500.

To John H. Debeer and Donna M. Debeer from Mervin B. Sensenig and Erma B. Sensenig, Moira, zero dollars.

To Andrea Gary from Andrea Gary, as executrix of the estate of Meryl Niles, deceased, Waverly, zero dollars.

To Darwin Kelley from Andrea Gary, Waverly, $35,000.

To A. Michael Krieger from Heidi Nusbaum, trustee of the Heide Nusbaum Revocable Trust, Jennifer N. Simmons, Howard P. Nusbaum, Richard Baker Jr., trustee of the Richard Baker Jr. Amended Revocable trust, Rhodes B. Baker, trustee of the Rhodes B. Baker Declaration of Trust, and Timothy N. Baker, trustee of the Timothy N. Baker Trust, Tupper Lake, $1,500,000.

To William S. Kline and Elizabeth M. Durocher from William L. Kline and Patricia L. Kline, Santa Clara, zero dollars.

To John S. Annis and Stacey L. Allott from Clifford G. Wagner and Claire G. Wagner, Harrietstown, $290,000.

To Mathew Hebert from Robert Bolia and Kenneth Frank Bolia, Chateaugay, $58,000.

To Stephen Hansen and Amanda Hansen from Robert Sabin Sr., Tupper Lake, $96,000.

To Zachary Gibson from Martin Hanley, Dickinson, $5,600.

To Bernard Roulston and Trina Roulston from Ronald Davis and Constance Davis, Chateaugay, $118,500.

To Steven P. Schmidt and Monica D. Schmidt from Alan Ernst and Doreen Ernst, Harrietstown, $20,000.

To Time for Tupper Lake LLC from Adirondack Bank, Tupper Lake, $62,500.

To Curtis L. Lyon from Curtis L. Lyon and Tanya L. Lyon, Moira, $1.