Property Transfers

Clinton County Property Transactions: June 24 through 28

PLATTSBURGH — Here’s a list of land transactions in Clinton County June 24 through 28, 2013.

The buyer, the seller, the community where the property is located and the sale price (listed in that order) were culled from documents in the Clinton County Clerk’s Office:

To Scott Smith from John Kinsman and Patricia Kinsman, Black Brook, zero dollars.

To Robert D. Carpenter and Kristin A. Carpenter from Matthew D. Benoit and Kristen N. Benoit, Saranac, $89,300.

To R.W. Walker Funeral Home LLC from R. Richard Walker, John Walker and Walker and Walker, City of Plattsburgh, $750,000.

To RBS Citizens NA from Matthew Garrison, John R. LaBarge and Rebecca A. LaBarge, Mooers, $197,695.

To Daniel J. Rabideau and Dianne B. Rabideau from Daniel James Rabideau, Mooers, zero dollars.

To Cornel J. Reinhart from Alan Monty and Barbara Monty, Mooers, $9,500.

To Helene M. Rosenbaum and Francois J. Duquette from Gerald Duquette and Theresa Duquette, Plattsburgh, zero dollars.

To Joseph Mark Granrath and Lynn Pandure from Joseph Valente, Champlain, $160,000.

To Giroux Poultry Farm Inc. from Mark J. Turner and Joyce C. Turner, Plattsburgh, $200,000.

To Patricia L. Cooke from Angela M. Doe and Jennifer R. Waite, Plattsburgh, $170,000.

To William Paxton from County of Clinton, Mooers, $22,000.

To William Paxton from County of Clinton, Beekmantown, $2,100.

To Susan J. Ralston and Catherine L. Ralston from Catherine M. Ralston, Plattsburgh, zero dollars.

To Jason Hamel and Sarah Bailey from Jonathan J. White, Beekmantown, $15,000.

To Silvia R. Ramirez de Alas and Joaquin Osmin Alas Vaquero from Cindra E. McCormick, Beekmantown, $135,500.

To Richard E. Ambrose from County of Clinton, Peru, $4,000.

To Troy Canada and Heidi L. Canada from Ralph Hartmann and Margaret M. Hartmann, City of Plattsburgh, $152,500.

To John Roslak Sr. from Shirley A. Cramer, City of Plattsburgh,, $97,000.

To Paul O. Moss from Richard M. Smith and Marion Q. Smith, City of Plattsburgh, $217,000.

To Kermit Honsinger and Barbara A. Honsinger from Gloria Singh Michaels, Beekmantown, $190,000.

To Christopher R. Akin from Andrea L. Martin, Plattsburgh, $99,360.

To Jason R. Miller and Sara D. Miller from Dean M. Provost, beekmantown, $225,000.

To Vincent C. Bodah from Karen Gurzenda, Champlain, $107,000.

To Beneficial Homeowner Service Corp from Wallace E. Scarlett and Edwin E. Nugent, Schuyler Falls, $35,788.

To Cheri A. Havrish formerly known as Cheri A. Cahoon from Neil W. Cahoon, Beekmantown, zero dollars.

To Alan J. Duprey and Danielle L. Duprey from William J. Duprey and Salley A. Duprey, Chazy, zero dollars.

To Richard M. Smith and Marion Q. Smith from Terry G. Lamberton, Diane A. Brown now known as Diane A. Lamberton, City of Plattsburgh, $129,500.

To BL and BL Properties LLC from County of Clinton, Chazy, $47,000.

To Jonathan C. Labarre and Brett L. Smith from County of Clinton, Dannemora, $2,500.

To Leane Trost from Ann Marie Bilow, Beekmantown, zero dollars.

To Kevin M. Compeau and Chelsey A. Compeau from Ashley R. Gambino, Chazy, $135,900.

To Adirondack Farms LLC from Jon Rulfs, AuSable, $201,135.

To Adirondack Farms LLC from Patrick D. Remillard and Seana H. Remillard, Peru, $90,000.

To Adirondack Farms LLC from Patrick D. Remillard and Seana H. Remillard, AuSable, $55,000.

To Adirondack Farms LLC from Erin Estes, Peru, $134,000.

To Billy Joe R. Manor and Christa L. Shippee from Michael G. Manor and Ronald A. Manor, Ellenburg, zero dollars.

To Dennis J. Cudworth and Donna L. Cudworth from Nancy E. Jenkins, administrix of the Estate of Walter W. Cudworth, and Dennis J. Cudworth, Ralph W.Cudworth, Nancy E. Jenkins, Beverly A.Golden and Sandra L. Dumont, Chazy, zero dollars.

To Randy L. Provost and Melody A. Provost from J&N Manufactured Housing Inc., Plattsburgh, $88,642.

To Federal National Mortgage Association from Jamie T. Weir and Amy L. Weir, Saranac, $112,773.14

To Northstar 41 LLC from Clinton Industrial Development Acquisition LLC, Chaz, zero dollars.

To Lynne P. Crouse from Raymond C. Crouse and Lynne P. Crouse, AuSable, zero dollars.

To Robert F. Hogan from County of Clinton, Altona, $2,500 (2).