Property Transfers

Clinton County Property Transactions

PLATTSBURGH — Here’s a list of land transactions in Clinton County from August 19 through August 30, 2013.

The buyer, the seller, the community where the property is located and the sale price (listed in that order) were culled from documents in the Clinton County Clerk’s Office:

To Christine Jabaut formerly known as Christine M. Eagan from Gerald T. Eagan Jr., Beekmantown, zero dollars.

To Barbara J. Abare from Charles Mark King, City of Plattsburgh, $140,000.

To Cynthia I. Waldron from Brian T. Macey, Saranac, zero dollars.

To George P. Eisenhauer and Doreen L. Eisenhauer from Robert G. Santor, Black Brook, $120,000.

To Melissa Morgan from Tracy E. Rabideau and Erin T. Rabideau, Mooers, $69,113.

To Christopher S. Burns from Thomas P. Maggy, City of Plattsburgh, $32,000.

To Chad S. Hunkins and Rebecca A. Albright from Phillip J. VanBrocklin and Vera J. VanBrocklin, Saranac, $120,000.

To Sharon Ann Hoffman from Terrance L. Lincourt and Deborah K. Lincourt, Mooers, $73,500.

To Wesley Smart and Patricia Smart from Ronald S. Klein and Sharon K. Klein, Saranac, $30,000.

To Ralph L. Campanella from Ina M. James, Ronald N. Giambruno and Shawn P. Giambruno, Peru, $65,000.

To Shey L. Schnell from Erika L. Kollinger, Plattsburgh, $148,500.

To Christopher Sunderland and Katrina Sunderland from Richard Poston, Mooers, $40,000.

To Cy Britto from Lisa A.B. Wind, Plattsburgh, $145,000.

To Gary L. Vaughn Jr. and Michelle A. Vaughn from Joseph Basto and Patricia A. Chauvin Oshier, Beekmantown, $135,000.

To John Leale and Beverly Leale from Robert Rodier and Sheila Rodier, Plattsburgh, $217,500.

To Todd E. Deyo from Brian L. Devins, AuSable, $371,600.

To Elevenfifty LLC from Demers Properties LLC, Plattsburgh, $320,000.

To Larent Josien and Karine Josien from Gary M. Kroll, Plattsburgh, $88,000.

To MD Enayet Hossain Gazi from Joseph Ciavattone, Clinton, $39,000.

To Marina Doucerain and Matthias Doucerain from Kyle Castine and Kevin Letourneau, Champlain, $110,000.

To James Thompson and Douglas J. Overton from Wendi Herdman Frary, Peru, zero dollars.

To Judith C. Rule from James Rule, Karen Blair, Sandra Senecal and Beth Rule, Ausable, zero dollars.

To Christina Rena Baker from Judith C. Rule, Ausable, $72,500.

To Linda Lyons and Kenneth A. Lyons from Linda Lyons, Chazy, zero dollars.

To David Abair and Lloyd Abair from TD Bank NA, Ausable, $40,800.

To SNJ Group LLC from Carla A. Wells, City of Plattsburgh, $21,000.

To James Barcomb from James Barcomb and Mary Barcomb, City of Plattsburgh, zero dollars.

To Philip A. Greenwood Jr. and Nichole E. Greenwood from Jeffrey R. Buskey and Alyse Buskey, Mooers, $121,004.

To Kneucraft Fine Jewelry & Design LLC from Christopher Benoit, Plattsbugrgh, $425,000.

To Matthew S. Ross and Danielle E. Howard Ross from Patrick F. Berry and Bonnie L. Berry, Schuyler Falls, $242,000.

To Michael S. Ward from Arthur W. Jubin, Black Brook, zero dollars.

To Richard Garceau and Carol Garceau from Pauline J. Gooley and Gerald R. Gooley, Champlain, $20,000.

To Paramount Enterprises International Inc. from Plattsburgh Airbase Redevelopment Corp, Plattsburgh, $192,000.

To Matthew J. Brousseau and Erin Corral from Matthew J. Brousseau, Peru, zero dollars.

To Jack G. Verterano from Raymond T. Furnia and Melissa I. Furnia, Schuyler Falls, $255,000.

To Terry Delaney and Karen Delaney from Milena Zivkov, Altona, $52,000.

To Donald Eugene Loreman Sr. and Carolyn A. Loreman from James J. Mercier and Patricia A. Mercier, Dannemora, $154,000.

To David E. Abair from Lloyd A. Abair, Ausable, zero dollars.

To David E. Abair and Allen S. Abair from Lloyd A. Abair and Beatrice M. Abair, Black Brook, zero dollars.

To Mary Carol Marvin Adams from Scott Lapoint and Leasha Lapoint, Ellenburg, zero dollars.

To Suzanne M. Leblanc and Neta Leblanc from Albert J. Sabanos Jr., Laura J. Diver, and Elizabeth A. McCabe, City of Plattsburgh, $157,500.

To Dan P. Clark from Ina M. James, Ronald N. Giambruno and Shawn P. Giambruno, Peru, $55,500.

To Brenda M. Stiles, Laurie A. Kelso and Karen J. Lafave from Gary Provoncha and Marilyn Provoncha, Mooers, zero dollars.

To Darrell Pilon from Liam Mahoney, Beekmantown, $125,000.

To Adam C. Tamer and Christin A. Tamer from Jason D. Bruce and Amanda L. Bruce, Chazy, $15,000.

To Gregory P. Dew and Lisa E. Dew from George S. Dew Jr.and Dianne W. Dew, Schuyler Falls, $152,500.

To Lighthouse Apartments LLC from Thomas A. Filion, Plattsburgh, $4,500.

To Key Bank NA and Abigail Pheneuf from Marvin A. Lutz and Margot J. Lutz, champlain, $186,500.

To Jarred M. Lavalley from Rodney J. Soucy and Bethany R. Soucy, City of Plattsburgh, $126,000.

To Eric A. Gauthier and Allison M. Gauthier from Lawrence J. McArthur and Shirley M. Conners, Schuyler Falls, $130,000.

To Douglas E. Osborn and Nancyjean M. Osborn from Pascali M. Laforest, City of Plattsburgh, $183,500.

To Leroux Enterprises LLC from Lisa C. Bovee, Schuyler Falls, $74,000.

To Allen W. Reece and Tracie L. Reece from Sharon Perry, Dannemora, zero dollars.

To Garret P. Dague and Karen Dague from Deborah A. Giroux, City of Plattsburgh, $199,000.

To Barbie Peryea from Gail A. Reyell, Schuyler Falls, $110,500.

To Spectrum Rentals LLC from Kenneth P. Delafrange, Champlain, zero dollars.

To Kenneth Filkins and Therese filkins formerly known as Therese Lenz from Lawrence Chartier and Teresa Chartier, Black Brook, zero dollars.

To Kathy Roggs from Jennifer Giner, Schuyler Falls, zero dollars.

To Kelly Bedard from Kevin G. Ryan and Kimberly A. Ryan, Plattsburgh, $199,500.

To Patrick Remillard and Seana Remillard from Darwin Clark, Peru, $39,000.

To OP Holding Company LLC from George Poitras, George H. Poitras Jr. and Elizabeth T. Poitras, City of Plattsburgh, $257,500.

To Jason B. Goodspeed from Gerald Menard, Chazy, $187,468.

To Walter G. Fournier Jr. and Jody L. Fournier from Walter G. Fournier Jr., Black Brook, zero dollars.

To Patricia W. Bentley from Edmund R. Giroux, Champlain, $73,250.

To William G. Brown Jr. from Gail H. Lozier, Beekmantown, $19,000.

To Reza and Sons Inc. from Shahid Reza, City of Plattsburgh, zero dollars.

To Robert Jarvis and Claudine C. Jarvis from James F. McComb, Daniel W. McComb and Ross H. McComb, Mooers, $200,000.

To Chanelle Heath from Patricia J. Winch as trustee of the Earl A. Winch irrevocable trust, and Patricia J. Winch as trustee of the Catherine C. Winch irrevocable trust, Plattsburgh, $121,000.

To Marvin A. Lutz and Margot J. Lutz from Michael B. Korash and Sonja Lapointe, Plattsburgh, $161,500.

To Sarah L. Fitzwater from Linda Tiernan Smigh, City of Plattsburgh, $105,000.

To Jason R. Quesnel and Amy Quesnel from Neta E. Leblanc, Plattsburgh,$135,000.

To Shane Filion and Sarah Laclair from Jack L. Conroy, Saranac, $100,000.

To Tammy A. Nephew, WendyA. Mesick, Lisa L. Hammelman, Julie M. Filion and Connie M. Poupore from Alton E. Barcomb and Beverly D. Barcomb, Plattsburgh, zero dollars.

To KEL Properties LLC from Beverly R. Grace, city of plattsburgh, $285,000.

To George D. Bridges from George D. Bridges and Nikki l. Bridges, Schuyler Falls, zero dollars.

To John A. Hunyor and Toni Hunyor from Matthew Devins, Chazy, $102,000.

To Michael Trudo from Cheri L. Collins and Helene A. Hawley, Scuyler Falls, $15,000.

To Patrick J. Clothier from Michael J. McClatchie and Christina M. McClatchie, Dannemora, $60,000.

To Marshall B. Charette from Randy S. Pray and Mary P. Pray, Ausable, $120,000.

To Lee Curran LLC from Blau Family Limited Partnership, Clinton, $75,000.

To Kenneth L. Provost and Gloria K. Provost from Jerry G. Forkey and Susan A. Forkey Rock, Plattsburgh, $55,000.

To Garceau Auto Sales Inc. from Town of Champlain, Champlain, $17,000.

To Meadowlark Farm LLC from Paul Matott and Rose Matott, Champlain, $210,000.

To Amybeth M. Collupy and Justin C. Atkins from David Prue as executor of the estate of Ruth A. Peru, $50,000.

To Larry L. Collins, Michele L. Collins and Connie M. Collins from Blanche Collins, Saranac, zero dollars,

To LTS Homes Inc. from Suzette A. Pavone, Plattsburgh, $15,000.

To LTS Homes Inc. from Richard N. Pavone and Suzette A. Pavone, formerly known as Suzette A. Nephew, Plattsburgh, $15,000. 

To St. Augustine’s Church from George Wright, Jane Wright, Mary Kay Ezero and Betsy Settevendemio, Peru, $60,000.

To Jeffrey W. Dew and Suzanne E. Korzilius from Ronna T. Bosko, City Plattsburgh, $115,700.

To Rovers Farm Inc. from Norman Lefebvre and Rejeanne Lefebvre and Margaret A. McDonald, Champlain, $76,000.

To Ricky Laurin and Priscilla Laurin from Donna M. Grevelle and Gary C. Ducharme, Champlain, $65,000.

To Alan Mackowski and Angela A. Mackowski from Robin Pageau, Sarah Alexander, James Garrant, Edward Garrant, and Terry Alexander, City of Plattsburgh, zero dollars.

To James T. Matthews and Patricia A. Matthews from Arlene M. Daniels, Altona, $2,500.

To 5M Properties LLC from Robert Colburn, Plattsburgh, $50,000.

To Kristin D. Nephew from Dean K. Nephew, Chazy, zero dollars.

To Marlene B. Prescott from David Hemenway and Marlene B. Prescott, Black Brook, zero dollars.

To Sandy Allogio Rock from Charles Allogio and Barbara Ann Allogio, Ausable, zero dollars,

To John S. Patrick and Stephanie M. Patrick from Scott F. McNierney and Margaret A. McNierney, Beekmantown, $75,000.

To Derrick Glaude from Peter Derkevics and Penny R. Derkevics, Ellenburg, $40,000.

To Shaun Labounty from Allen Henry and Louise Henry, Ausable, $77,500.

To Joseph Collins and April M. Collins from Harold R. Couture, Saranac,zero dollars.

To Marie A. Jolicoeur from George L. Latulipe, City of Plattsburgh, zero