Property Transfers

Franklin County Property Transactions: Feb. 24 through March 14, 2014

MALONE — Here’s a list of land transactions in Franklin County from Feb. 24 through March 14, 2014.

The buyer, the seller, the community where the property is located and the sale price (listed in that order) were culled from documents in the Franklin County Clerk’s Office:

To Ronald A. Jarvis and Louise A. Jarvis from Russell R. Trombley and Ronna L. Trombley, Chateaugay, $1.

To Cheryl McFaul from Harmon McFaul and Theresa McFaul, Malone, $8,500.

To Donald F. Shantie and Judy W. Shantie from Donald F. Shantie and Judy W. Shantie, Bangor, zero dollars.

To James Boucher from Mary B. McLear and Donna B. Snyder, as co-administrators of the estate of Gladys L. Boushie, Tupper Lake, zero dollars.

To Alan E. McFadyen from Alan E. McFadyen as executor of the estate of Barbara E. McFadyen, Tupper Lake, zero dollars.

To Sandra Lee Churco and Dustin James Churco from Alan E. McFadyen, Tupper Lake, zero dollars.

To Robert W. Hardy and Heather M. Hardy from Bruce O. Bonesteel and Arleen M. Bonesteel, Bangor, $40,000.

To David J. Merrick from Merrick Consulting Services LLC, Malone, zero dollars.

To Darrin S. Eldridge and Laurie J. Eldridge from Eleanor A. Davis, Bangor, $30,000.

To Tara L. O’Connor now known as Tara L. French from Stella O’Connor, Bangor/Brandon, $36,000.

To Kim Richey and Kimberly Richey from Thomas Lamothe, Brian J. Lamothe, Christopher Lamothe, Daniel S. Lamothe, Andrew Lamothe, Kim Lamothe and Oscar Lamothe, Chateaugay, zero dollars.

To Kenneth A. Pelletier from Sheila P. Spaulding, individually and as surviving tenant by the entirety of Allen O. Spaulding, Brandon, $25,00.

To Gary P. Monica from Gerald G. Hart, Malone, $8,000.

To Three L Farm from Richard F. Tracy and Anne L. Tracy, Chateaugay, zero dollars.

To Anne L. Tracy from Three L. Farm, Chateaugay, zero dollars.

To Adam Goodrow and Marcie A. Goodrow from Adam Goodrow, Westville, zero dollars.

To Betsy Jean Corris from Richard A. Trudeau and Carolyn M. Trudeau, Franklin, $68,500.

To Lester J. Trombley from Ralph F. Jesmer II, Malone, $500.

To Michael Taylor and Kelly Taylor from Lester J. Trombley, Malone, $63,000.

To Randy Whiting and Tammy Gardner from Francis A. Greenwood, Bangor, $78,000.

To Frenchs Brook LLC from Chester H. Clarridge and Carol Y. Clarridge as trustees of the CHC Trust, Franklin, $259,000.

To Gregory T. Cromp Jr. from Gregory T. Cromp Sr., Malone, zero dollars.

To Christopher Larock from Ellen S. Legault and Patricia A. Graham, co-successor trustees of the Testamentary Trust for the benefit of Kimberly C. Abbott and Ellen S. Legault and Patricia A. Graham, as co-successor trustees of the Testamentary Trust for the Benefit of William R. Abbott, Malone, $170,000.

To Kettelyn Derisse and David Derisse from U.S. Bank, Malone, $15,500.

To Patricia Ann St. Onge from Patricia Ann St. Onge and David St.Onge, Tupper Lake, $124,500.

To Austin Seymour from John K. Decillis and Marsha J. Decillis, Malone, $85,000.

To Joseph J. McComb and Katie Mae McComb from Amy J. Griffith, Chateaugay, $20,000.

To Tyson Corner Apartments LLC from Tracey L. Fountain, Constable, $150,000.

To Marsha Decillis and John Decillis from Paul Laplante, Bellmont, $90,000.

To Keith L. Montroy from Karen L. Montroy, Duane, $1.

To Stephen Fleury from Brian J. Fleury, Charles D. Fleury and Lucinda M. Fleury, Constable, $85,000.

To Victoria Thompson from Victoria Thompson as executrix of the last will and testament of Samuel T.Flowers Sr., Bellmont, zero dollars.

To Nina A. Haverstock from Charles E. Tucker, Nina A. Tucker now known as Nina A. Haverstock, Dickinson, zero dollars.

To Steven Butchino from Michael Lilliock, Duane, $12,500.

To Jonathan Sanger and Ellen Sanger from Denise M. Hammond now known as Denise M. Desnoyers, Malone, $68,500.

To Ronald D. Edgley and Beth H. Edgley from Roy F.C. Parker, Franklin, $300,000.

To Bernadine Livernois and Darlene Livernois from Patricia Livernois, Bellmont, zero dollars.

To Michael J. Frechette and Lisa W. Frechette from Connor Looney, Harrietstown, $191,500.

To Ryan Helm from Stone Financing LLC, Chateaugay, $127,000.

To Darrick Smith from Keith Douglas Gregg and Judith A. Gregg, Fort Covington, $46,000.

To Joan Kamalsky from Taimim Li as executor of the estate of Mildred Li Distin, Harrietstown, $775,000.

To Darrel A. Deragon and Mary L. Deragon from Susan Legacy, executrix of the estate of Nancy Murtagh, Malone, $35,000.

To Danielle Jock from Nelson T. Boadway and Theresa A. Boadway, Chateaugay, $60,000.

To Kevin J. Elmer and Charity H. Elmer from John H. Youngcliss and Katherine Youngcliss, Malone, $6,500.

To Jamie Perry and Misty Gratton from Gary O. Larock and Sylvia M. Larock, Constable, $32,500.

To Brent E. Fitzgerald and Amanda L. Fitzgerald from Catherine B. Donaldson Shene, Harrietstown, $1.

To Trista L. Fletcher from Ian Fletcher and Trista L. Fletcher, Moira, zero dollars.

To Amy L. Pulsifer from Wayne A. Brow and Pamela A. Brow, Bellmont, $36,000.

To David Asseraf, trustee of the David Asseraff Revocable Trust Agreement, from David Asseraf, trustee of the David Asseraf Revocable Trust Agreement, Bellmont, $30,000.

To ARC FDCTGN001 LLC from Route 11 & Route 23 Development LLC, Chateaugay, $1,085,691.06.

To James R. Page Sr. and Sandra H. Page, trustees of the Page Box Irrevocable Trust from James R. Page and Sandra H. Page, Tupper Lake, zero dollars.

To Joshua Cartier and Dawn Marie Sugg from Donna M. Fish Winters, Moira, $54,000.

To Ashley B. Martin and Elizabeth J. Morgan from Elizabeth J. Morgan formerly known as Elizabeth Deluca, Malone, $1.

To August F. Carlsson and Judylynn C. Hoosier from Loretta Carlsson, Bombay, zero dollars.

To Thomas C. Stanyon and Kathleen Stanyon as trustees of the Thomas C. Stanyon Revocable Living Trust and the Kathleen Stanyon Revocable Living Trust, from Thomas C. Stanyon and Kathleen Stanyon, Santa Clara, zero dollars.

To Village of Malone from Franklin County, Malone, $1.

To Harold C. Shova, Martin J. Shova and Patricia J. Shova from Harold C. Shova, Malone, $1.

To Zachary D. Brockway from Leroy B. Pickering, Waverly, zero dollars.

To Zachary D. Brockway from Leroy B. Pickering, Waverly, $45,000.

To Michael J. Poirier and Melissa L. Poirier from Tonya L. Egan, Bangor, $62,000.

To Michael Yando from Dawn Venette formerly known as Dawn Yando, Tupper Lake, zero dollars.

To Philip Snyder from Ambrose Snyder, Moira, $1.