Property Transfers

Clinton County Property Transactions

PLATTSBURGH — Here’s a list of land transactions in Clinton County from April 21 through May 2, 2013.

The buyer, the seller, the community where the property is located and the sale price (listed in that order) were culled from documents in the Clinton County Clerk’s Office:

To SRMOLF REO 2013-1 Trust Bank from Donald Tourville and Rebecca Tourville, Plattsburgh, $89,000.

To Todd A. Lapham, Robert H. Lapham and Karen A. Botshon from Milton H. Lapham, Alice H. Lapham and Jerome Miner, Beekmantown, zero dollars.

To Mark J. Phifer and Laurie A. Phifer from Monica D. Phifer Trust, Ausable, zero dollars.

To Walter F. Brockway Jr. and Robin S. Brockway from Estate of Samuel W. Rice III, Chazy, $152,000.

To Jodi Parsons and Thomas Remaley from Jodi Parsons, Peru, zero dollars.

To Graymont Materials NY Inc from Norman E. Baker and Elizabeth L. Baker, Plattsburgh, zero dollars.

To Brian D. Bashaw from Brent J. Bashaw, Ausable, zero dollars.

To Plattsburgh Animal Hospital LLC from M&W Partnership, Plattsburgh, $400,000.

To Justin Bouyea, Jeffrey Bouyea and Anne M. Bouyea from Nicholas R. Maggy, City of Plattsburgh, $116,000.

To M. Eugene Drown from Mark E. Drown as trustee of the Drown Camp Trust, Mooers, zero dollars.

To Brian J. McBride from David E. White and Joan T. White, Plattsburgh, $840,000.

To Keith M. Kelble and Elice S. Kelble from Carlton E. Cash, City of Plattsburgh, $380,000.

To Susan M. Charbonneau from Eric W. Sorensen and Sarah H. Sorensen, Plattsburgh, $193,500.

To Tomi Lyn Fenn and Kelly E. Roberts from Thomas R. Irwin and Jane L. Irwin, Peru, zero dollars.

To Alexa Pirofsky from Roy R. Bedard, Peru, $266,000.

To Ursula M. Jennette and David W. Jennette from Ursula M. Jennette and David W. Jennette, Beekmantown, zero dollars.

To Carmen H. Wagner Jr. from Trudy LaRose Wagner, Ausable, zero dollars.

To Melissa M. Jimenez from Trudy LaRose Wagner, Ausable, zero dollars.

To Jeremy Deyo from Darvy R. Spoor, Mooers, $38,000.

To Charles E. Clarke from Aldo J. Dibiasio, Champlain, $52,000.

To Michele M. Maddix from James M. Crouse, City of Plattsburgh, $70,030.

To Jennifer R. Sylvester from Anthony W. Terwilliger and Jennifer R. Sylvester, Champlain, zero dollars.

To Edward J. Nephew Trust from Edward Nephew and Joyce H. Nephew, Chazy, zero dollars.

To Nancy J. Underwood from Vasso D. Laforest, Plattsburgh, $16,200.

To Lake Champlain Transportation Company from PF Development Company LLC, Plattsburgh, $700,000.

To Robert F. Foley from Charissa N. Petrashune formerly known as Charissa N. Rascoe, Saranac, $88,500.

To Diana Cron as trustee of the Diana M. Cron Living Trust from Diana M. Cron, City of Plattsburgh, zero dollars.

To Diana Cron as trustee of the Diana M. Cron Living Trust from Diana M. Cron, Schuyler Falls, zero dollars.

To Leah J. Jubert from Darren C. Babbie and Julie A. Babbie, Mooers, $235,000.

To Richard E. Ambrose and Jeannine M. Ambrose from Richard E. Ambrose, City of Plattsburgh, zero dollars.

To Fred Atkinson from Fred Atkinson Sr. and Marian J. Atkinson, Saranac, zero dollars.

To Thomas W. Baier and Kathryn L. Baier from Russell Trombly and Mary Trombly, Chazy, zero dollars.

To Tyler J. Whitney and Rebecca G. Whitney from Christine Meister, Chazy, $126,054.

To Kevin A. Sorrell from Donald J. Shambo II and Gabrielle Shambo, City of Plattsburgh, $160,000.

To Stewart Mitchell from Linda H. Mitchell, City of Plattsburgh, zero dollars.

To 11 Plattsburgh LLC from 62 Brinkerhoff LLC, City of Plattsburgh, $175,000.

To Brent Decoste and Annette Boyle from Victor J. Decose, Mooers, zero dollars.

To Frank J. Preston and June P. Beauchense from Bruce Hallenbeck and Dale M. Hallenbeck, Ausable, $18,000.

To David W. Lashway and Carrie M. Lashway from Hinson Menard Associates LP, Plattsburgh, zero dollars.

To Julia A. Davis from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp, City of Plattsburgh, $98,000.

To William B. Hughes and Kathleen A. Hughes from Harriet L. Jeweler formerly known as Harriet L. Morrill, Plattsburgh, $320,000.

To Gary Gronstedt and John McKinley from Darren S. Gilbert and Lynn M. Gilbert, Plattsburgh, $307,500.

To Curtiss S. Hemm and Bridget M. Hemm from Erich D. Hemm individually and as co-executor of the last will and testament of Roger D. Hemm, deceased, and Curtiss S. Hemm as co-executor of the last will and testament of Roger D. Hemm, AuSable, zero dollars.

To James A. Bracy II and Brittany N. Obert from Timothy S. Kramer and Lori A. Walters Kramer, City of Plattsburgh, $120,000.

To Secretary of Housing and Urban Development from Arthur J. Niederbuhl and Gary L. Favro, referee, Altona, $75,852.

To PF Development Company LLC from Lake Champlain Transportation Co., Plattsburgh, $700,000.

To M. Garrand Properties LLC from Garrand Development Corp, Plattsburgh, $175,000.

To Robert E. Marks Jr., Jaylan A. Marks and Robert E. Marks III from Charles A. Chrysler and Deborah A. Chrysler, Mooers, $50,000.

To Thomas G. Rice, Judy M. Rice, trustees of the Rice Irrevocable Trust, from Thomas G. Rice and Judy M. Rice, Plattsburgh, zero dollars.

To Scott Barshow and Lora L. Barshow from Howard D. Mills Jr., Ausable, $23,500.

To Gene E. Palmer from Gene E. Palmer and Laurie M. Palmer, City of Plattsburgh, zero dollars.

To Jacob W. Rock from Terry J. Hayes and Linda M. Hayes, Plattsburgh, $50,000.

To Kevin A. Tetreault and Jacquelyn M. Tetreault from Roland J. Davison and Carmen I. Coupal, Beekmantown, $224,000.

To Plattsburgh Wholesale Mobile Home Sales Inc from Christopher Swiesz and Catherine Swiesz, Plattsburgh, $32,500.

To Charissa N. Petrashune from Dustin J. Blair and Bethany A. Blair, Schuyler Falls, $175,000.

To Mark E. Aloi and Traci L. Aloi from James A. Aloi, Mark E. Aloi and Traci L. Aloi, Peru, zero dollars.

To Weisman Family Irrevocable Trust from Luther A. Weisman and Linda K. Weisman, City of Plattsburgh, zero dollars.

To Catherine L. Poupore from Anna Reynold as executrix of the estate of William L. Trombley, Plattsburgh,$89,000.

To J. Cayea LLC from Joy A. Cayea, City of Plattsburgh, zero dollars.

To Chris A. Lautenschuetz and Theresa R. Lautenschuetz from Chris A. Lautenschuetz, Saranac, zero dollars.

To Seaway Timber Harvesting Inc. from Rayonier Forest Resources LP, Dannemora, $126,000.

To Paul S. Rock and Carol A. Rock from Carol A. Rock formerly known as Carol A. McKinney, Chazy, zero dollars.

To Aaron M. Thompson from Larry G. Duquette, Plattsburgh, $80,000.

To Peter W. Carpenter and Thomas H. McCauley from Luis Peralta and Elaine Peralta, Saranac, $8,000.

To Nicholas J. Stowe from Clarence Lavarnway, Saranac, zero dollars.