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Frontier Town parcels joined for auction


NORTH HUDSON — Essex County lawmakers have decided that most of the old Frontier Town theme park here will be auctioned off as one unit.

Essex County took Frontier Town for unpaid back taxes, and it’s part of the tax auction that starts at 10 a.m. Wednesday, April 30, at the Ticonderoga Best Western Inn and Suites.

Seven parts of the theme park are in the tax auction, and four will now go as one lot at the sale.

The county established the Frontier Town/Republic Steel Task Force to decide how to market both Frontier Town and the old three-story Republic Steel office building that the county owns in Mineville.

The Task Force held three meetings and recently delivered a report to the County Board of Supervisors.

“Our (Task Force) recommendations are there are a number of small properties that are contiguous; we’re auctioning those off as one parcel,” Task Force Chairperson Supervisor Ronald Moore (R-North Hudson) told lawmakers.

“Those four will go together. There will be a minimum reserve bid of whatever taxes are owed, which is about $146,000. The other two properties that go together, there’s no minimum reserve.”

The assessment on those four pieces of the park is about $570,000.


Two other parcels that comprise the J Bar Motel on Route 9, assessed at about $248,000, will also be auctioned together.

The Frontier Town Gas Station across Blue Ridge Road from the park will be sold separately, along with the main parking lot in front of the A-frame entrance building.

The gas station is assessed for $193,800 and the parking lot for $24,500.

Frontier Town was last open for the 1998 season. It is located just off Exit 29 of the Adirondack Northway.

Moore said he has had two inquiries from prospective buyers for the gas station who say they could have it open and running by this summer.

The County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the consolidation of parcels for the sale.


The properties were owned by North Hudson Associates LLC, the successor to Frontier Town, and Sunrise Land Development of Westchester, the company that bought the main section of the theme park in a previous tax sale.

All former owners have up to 14 days before the sale to buy back their properties by paying the back taxes, interest and penalties.

The other part of Frontier Town is the A-frame entrance building owned by George Moore of Keeseville, and taxes are fully paid on that.

A 132-acre woodlot that was part of Frontier Town will be transferred to the Town of North Hudson, to be added to its hiking trail system.


At the last Task Force meeting, Supervisor Thomas Scozzafava (R-Moriah) said it might be best to combine the Republic Steel building with the former town health center next door for the auction, but that proposal hasn’t been presented to the Board of Supervisors yet. 

The Town of Moriah owns the health-center lot.

The tax auction will be conducted by Haroff Auctions of Schroon Lake, with about 150 seized parcels going on the block.

Haroff workers are out now putting signs on the properties, County Treasurer Michael Diskin said.

“They’re starting the process, taking pictures.”

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