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Lewis Heights delayed again


PLATTSBURGH — Plans for Lewis Heights, an 88-unit apartment complex on the former Plattsburgh Air Force Base, have been delayed for at least another month.

Local developer James Latinville wants to build the one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments on the former Air Force Base Hospital property on New York Road.


The City Planning Board tabled the Final Planned Unit Development Review at its meeting Monday night, citing a lack of finalized plans for the floor, building elevation, storm-water management and utilities.

Latinville told the Press-Republican the next day that he plans to be back before the Planning Board at its September meeting with all the information requested.

“I hope to begin the construction planning process as soon as possible to start construction in the spring,” he said.

One of his first actions will be to dress up the perimeter of the property to bring its appearance more in line with neighboring residential properties, he said.


This was project’s fourth appearance before the Planning Board, although the first was only to provide information and receive public feedback.

Several neighbors expressed concerns about the size of the project at the first meeting but have not voiced concerns at any of the subsequent meetings.

The project would be built in four phases, driven by demand. The four buildings would feature two walkways that allow them to be considered two buildings.


At the June meeting, the sketch plan for the project was approved after it had been tabled in May. One of the changes at that time was inclusion of 50 garages, to be included in leases on a first-come, first-served basis.

Some of those garages have now been moved to the perimeter of the property to provide additional shielding for neighbors.

Aaron Ovios of Robert M. Sutherland PC, the project’s engineering firm, said they planned 20-foot light poles for the parking area. Planning Board Chairman Joseph Rotella said he would prefer the light poles be no more than 18 feet tall.


The buildings would have multiple roof lines, with asphalt shingles. Each unit is to have a patio or deck.

Latinville previously said he is looking for a colonial-style design, with a New England-type feel.

The exterior would feature faux stone up to the windowsills on the first floor, with siding up the rest. Dormers would also be included in the design, Ovios said.

He said the stormwater-detention area has been increased and that pervious pavement would help alleviate runoff.

A large interior courtyard to be used as community space would also be created in phases as the project progresses. The plan is to leave natural vegetation on the site of each phase until work starts on that phase. 

Latinville said he believes many of the mature trees on the property can be incorporated into the final design.


Planning Board members Craig Worley and William Ferris said they liked the look of the plan.

“I appreciate your hard work and think it’s turned into a good plan,” Worley said.

Ferris said, “From what I understand, everything looks good; we’re just missing some information.”

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