Explore Rouses Point set for this weekend


ROUSES POINT — Businesses here are gearing up for the second-annual Explore Rouses Point event, planning sidewalk sales, raffles and other special activities.

At Rouses Point Beer Emporium and Rouses Point Liquor and Wine, special prices, tastings, giveaways and specialty foods are planned.

“It’s kind of like Sam’s Club; you don’t want to buy it unless you try it,” said co-owner Tammy Seguin, chuckling.

She is also a member of the Village of Rouses Point’s Downtown Revitalization Subcommittee, which hosts Explore Rouses Point.

Set for Saturday, June 28, and Sunday, June 29, beginning at 8 a.m. on both days, the event consists of a Retail Business Weekend for the downtown merchants, vendors in Rouse Park and village-wide garage and yard sales.


Local businesses need to take advantage of summertime opportunities to maximize sales, Seguin said.

“They are very aware that this is the time to make their money,” she explained. “(Rouses Point) is a seasonal area, kind of like Lake George.”

In the past, the village-wide yard sale had been held during the Fourth of July celebration, Seguin said, but moving that popular event to another date made sense.

“It brings different people for different events at different times,” she said.

And some show up for both.


Seguin plans to offer sale prices, samplings, tastings, giveaways and specialty foods at her businesses.

“It’s kind of like Sam’s Club; you don’t want to buy it unless you try it,” she said, chuckling.

The event will go on for two days instead of one, in case it rains, she said, as it did at last year.

Despite the rain, however, people were still entertained.

“We had a little ticket with the names of the businesses,” Seguin said. “Every person who visited that business would get a stamp, and whoever got all the stamps would get entered into another raffle.” 


Christina Vanier, owner of Sandy’s Deli, took part in the event last year.

“We bring in stuff that we don’t usually have during the year just to try to participate,” she said.

Vanier said the event definitely helped to boost business and that it “1 million percent” benefits the community.

“I think it just livens up the small town for the weekend,” she said.

“It’s always really fun to see how many people we can pack into this small town.” 

Tracy Graves, whose store All Things Diva just opened May 17 on Lake Street, said she ordered extra merchandise in advance of Explore Rouses Point.

She sells handbags, all-natural bath and body products and a line of the Rain Jewelry Collection.

“We hope to see lots of extra people in the village,” she said.


Graves said shoppers who visit All Things Diva may benefit from specials, gifts with purchases or coupons.

She definitely thinks the event is a boost for the village.

“It brings people to town to visit restaurants, see marinas and frequent the different stores,” she said.

“People don’t realize how beautiful of a village it is until they get to town.”

Seguin said events like these encourage networking and build community strength.

“Just getting out and visiting people — I think it’s so important,” she said.

“It’s all about networking, and just spending money benefits your community, too, and makes it stronger.”


Rouses Pointers holding yard sales during this weekend's Explore Rouses Point event can have their address added to the sale map by calling Carol Hanfield at the Village Office, 297-5502.

To sign up as a vendor in Rouse Park, contact Tammy Seguin at 297-2706. There is no charge to take part.