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Dwane Bast, co-owner of Adirondack Coffee Roasters, roasts a decaff bean with an Ozturk roaster at their new location on Cornelia Street in the Town of Plattsburgh. The new storefront, which opened Feb. 4, offers custom roasted coffees and made to order drinks. (STAFF PHOTO/KELLI CATANA)
PPR coffee roasters 2 0224
Krissie Bast, co-owner of Adirondack Coffee Roasters on Cornelia Street, makes a latte for a customer. (STAFF PHOTO/KELLI CATANA)

Adirondack Coffee Roasters in new location


PLATTSBURGH — Roastin’ in a new location.

The husband and wife team of Dwane and Krissie Bast opened their new location on Feb. 4. It is located at 373 Route 3 in the Payson and Stoughton Plaza in the Town of Plattsburgh. 

The new shop features hardwood floors, a wooden counter with stone counter top, and wooden tables with metal-backed chairs. There are wooden shelves supported on a tubular metal rack.

A bank of windows on the north side of the building allows for plenty of natural light. Works by local artists add to the decor.

“We like it. It’s a lot brighter,” Dwane said.

The store features a small cafe, roasting room and still-under-construction storage room.

Beverages include hot and iced drinks such as coffee, espresso, lattes, teas, mochas, hot chocolate and Italian sodas. Baked goods are created by Krissie in house.

In addition to coffee by the day, Adirondack Coffee Roasters will also carry accessories such as coffee grinders and brewers. There’s even a one-cup brewer that uses fresh-ground coffee instead of pods.

Bulk coffee sales remains a big part of the business.

All coffee is roasted right on location. 

“We like that we have quality control,” Krissie said.

Dwane said they plan to offer roasting demonstrations. That could eventually grow to include tutorials on roasting coffee beans at home, he said.

Adirondack Coffee Roasters gets bulk beans from Africa, Central and South America and Indonesia. The current inventory is based on the growing season in each region. 

They roast between 400 and 500 pounds of coffee a day. The Öztürk coffee roaster is capable of producing 30 pounds of roast beans in 20 minutes.

Green coffee beans are loaded in the hopper and slide down to the roasting drum. The drum rotates over a bank of open-flame burners.

The beans are simply drying for the first few minutes. They start to roast after two to three minutes, at a temperature of about 400 degrees.

“That’s when you really start to smell them,” Dwane said.

The beans eventually start to crack, a small popping sound similar to popcorn.

“Once that happens throughout the roast, it’s coffee,” Dwane said.

After that, the length of time the beans remain in the roaster determines if the finished product will be light, medium or dark roast.

Once roasted, the beans are dumped into the attached cooling tray, where sweeper arms circulate the beans to regulate the cooling process.

Krissie said they offer custom flavors. The flavor is added to the bean as it cools but while still warm.

Different flavors need to be applied at different temperatures for full effectiveness.

The coffee beans are then packaged or ground. 

The Basts met at an espresso bar in Reno, Nev., 16 years ago.

“That’s where the love of coffee came from,” he said.

The Basts started the company in April 2007 in Peru. They offered wholesale coffee sales to area shops and supplies for school fundraisers, which they continue to do.

Renovations to the new location were supported by a $20,000 micorenterprise grant through the Town of Plattsburgh. 

“The microenterprise program has enabled us to find a way to help a number of local entrepreneurs,” said Town Supervisor Bernie Bassett. 

The Basts received training from the North Country Small Business Development Center and worked with a town consultant before the funds were awarded.

 “We could see they had a very strong potential,” Bassett said. “We wish them the best.”

Dwane said he is the North American representative for Ozturk. He helps people get started in the business across the country.

“I’ve been doing that for about four years now,” he said.

Adirondack Coffee Roasters is open 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday. The business accepts cash, checks and credit cards.

For more information, call 324-2633 or visit

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