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Left, Kathryn Cramer and Jill Lobdell discuss book placement at Champlain Avenue. Above, Cramer's colorful artwork adorns the property at Champlain Avenue. (P-R Photos/Alvin Reiner)
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Kathryn Cramer's colorful artwork adorns the property at Champlain Avenue. (P-R Photo/Alvin Reiner)

Westport's Champlain Avenue opens


WESTPORT — Antiquarian, antique and retro with dashes of intellectualism and panache can all be incorporated in a description of Champlain Avenue, the recently re-opened book, clothing and furniture emporium.

Champlain is operated by Kathryn Cramer, formally an editor of science-fiction anthologies. She has a dossier as diverse as the eclectic collection contained within the confines of the wood-framed structure.

The previously seldom-open, books-only shop had recently been known as Dragon Press, the name of the publishing company operated by Cramer and David Hartwell. Now open on a regular basis, Champlain has, in addition to the 4,700 books lining the walls, many other offerings.

Most of the volumes, except for some rarer and signed works, are on sale for less than $10 each. There are also some new works as well.

The structure, built in the 1920s, was originally a Masonic hall and, in 1991, the storefront was converted to house a wine shop.

“I wanted to keep as much original as possible. Even the grapes that were on the window have been left,” Cramer said. “Our selection is somewhere between eclectic and eccentric. We expect that customers will find this a fascinating place to explore. There is a lot to find here.”

The proprietor, who lives on the premises, added that one reason they bought a house with a storefront is that they had way too many books.

“A couple of years ago we tried, in a more part-time way, to have an open bookstore but the book sales couldn’t support the overhead. In March, I had the idea to partner with Katie Wilson of the Adirondack Attic in Keene to add clothing and furniture to the mix. So far, the books account for about one third of our sales and the other merchandise is the other two thirds.”

Thus, there’s a revolving inventory of women’s clothing and shoes in a range of sizes and styles as well as a limited selection of men’s attire. Currently, the inventory of home furnishings is limited, but Cramer expects this aspect to grow.

The books for sale cover a full spectrum of genres, such as general fiction, mysteries, fantasy, horror and poetry.

“We carry children’s books, both contemporary and antiquarian. Our non-fiction sections cover a wide range of subject areas,” Cramer said.

Looking toward the future, Cramer said, “Ultimately I would like us to have our own product lines so we will have things you can’t get anywhere else.”

Though Champlain may take consignments, Cramer advised, they are very well supplied with books and for the time being are consigning only hard-cover mysteries and books published prior to 1920. Clothing and furniture consignments are handled by Kathryn Wilson of The Adirondack Attic. Consignment appointments in Westport are usually on Mondays.

Due to her affinity for science fiction coupled with a sense of humor, Cramer added an additional question to the perfunctory name and email request information: “Are you human?”

Champlain, located at 10 Champlain Avenue (Route 22), Westport, is open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday with weekends to be announced.

For additional information, call 962-2760 or visit

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