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Community Bank to consolidate Route 3 branches


PLATTSBURGH — Community Bank plans to consolidate its two Route 3 branches into the one at the corner of Smithfield Boulevard and Route 3.

The bank received approval of its detailed preliminary plan for changes at that location at the most recent meeting of the Town of Plattsburgh Planning Board. 

Community Bank Facilities Manager Chuck Foster said the work is expected to start this spring.

“We would like to start in May,” he said, adding the project is expected to take about six months.

Scott Allen of AES Northeast, the project engineer, said plans call for a 1,960-square-foot addition to the building for some additional office space. There will also be improvements to the building’s facade.

In addition, two new drive-through ATM lanes with a canopy will be built along Bank Street near LaBarre Street on the northwestern part of the property. Presently, there are two drive-through teller lanes and an ATM lane on the eastern side of the building, which will become three teller lanes.

Foster said they plan to keep the location at 524 Route 3, near the Butcher Block restaurant, for other banking purposes. 

The project had already received variances from the Town of Plattsburgh Zoning Board of Appeals for setback and open-space deficiencies.


Also at the meeting, Schluter Systems and SSF Production received sketch-plan approval for a 26,166-square-foot storage facility and a 20,568-square-foot storage, recycling and back-up manufacturing facility.

The new structures would replace the approximately 12,000-square-foot storage building that was destroyed by fire in early November.

The project involves demolition and removal of the former concrete slab for the warehouse, above-ground fuel storage tanks, an external material storage area and breezeway that connected the warehouse to a nearby manufacturing facility.

The work would include installation of two in-ground fuel storage tanks, relocation of a water main and a new parking lot and access driveways. 

James Abdallah of AEDA, the project engineer, said the new structure would include sprinkler systems and firewalls.

SSF Production is a joint venture of Schluter Systems and Selit that manufactures extruded foam. Schluter uses the foam for its subsidiary, UMS Manufacturing, to create its innovative Kerdi-Board product, which is used as a foundation for tile-covered structures.

The project still requires approval of a special-use permit for the fuel tanks and a detailed preliminary plan before work can begin. 

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